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Introducing WirelessTrakker!
  Did You Know?
SecureSchool Has SSL Intercept!
It comes bundled with our Transparent Filtering option. Try free for 30 days! Click here to learn more.
WirelessTrakker is a solution to make deploying and managing a wireless network (WLAN) easy and simple, while maintaining high security and control over what happens on your network.
Similar to products from BlueSocket, Meraki, and Cisco; it is designed to be fast and easy to get any management tasks done, and to tie into your existing network with only some minor changes in most cases.
Service Features
  • Simple, Easy Wireless Network Management For Staff and Guests
  • Create multiple wireless networks, each with different levels of access
  • Supports 802.11 encryption standards, like WEP, WPA, and WPA2
  • Integrates with SecureSchool for add-on filtering and logging
  • User validation can be internal, Active Directory, LDAP, or handled by SecureSchool
  • Easy-to-use web-based controls
  • Free Service Upgrades
  • Free/Unlimited Technical Support
  • Automatic Configuration Backup and Updates

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