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YouTube for Schools
  Did You Know?
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YouTube recently developed YouTube for Schools which allows you to create your very own school account for access to YouTube EDU content, as well as, a customizable playlist of videos that will be viewable only within your own school network. You can learn more about YouTube for Schools by going here: YouTube for Schools

We previously added a YouTube filter that allows you to easily unblock a particular video in YouTube without unblocking the entire site, however, you can now turn on just one filter setting to give your users access to hundreds of thousands of educational videos instantly.

You can manage your YouTube Filtering settings in SecureSchool by going to:

Website Filtering > YouTube Filtering > Select Method

Under the Select Method tab, you now have the following options:

•Allow YouTube videos by unique ID using K12USA SecureSchool's Filter Videos interface.

•Use YouTube's Edufilter feature with your own YouTube for Schools account.

•Use YouTube's Edufilter feature with K12USA SecureSchool's YouTube for Schools account

(*note: We have not added any additional videos to our account. Turning on this option will only give your users access to YouTube EDU videos as found here: //www.youtube.com/education)

*note: You will need enter a unique YouTube for Schools ID in SecureSchool (under EduFilter ID) before you can setup the Use YouTube's Edufilter feature with your own YouTube for Schools account feature. After you have created a YouTube for Schools account, you can locate your unique account ID by going here: //www.youtube.com/account_school
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