Did You Know?
Let Two Become One!
  Did You Know?
School-to-School VPN in a Flash!
Deploy our school-to-school VPN to unite your school’s entire network with a sister school's network. Click here to learn more.

Wish your school’s entire network and a sister school’s entire network could be joined into one—without the expense of buying a dedicated link?

Now they can via an Internet connection with SecureSchool’s school-to-school VPN service.

Saves you money, expands your network – Creating one network out of two is a pricey proposition. But with SecureSchool’s VPN, you get all the benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Double the resources at your fingertips – Your staff and students can access both networks quickly and easily.

Super safe and secure – An encrypted tunnel connection prevents unauthorized users from eavesdropping, hacking in, and stealing passwords.

No fancy setup required – You just need one SecureSchool appliance at each school.

Affordably priced – Ideal for budgets of all sizes.

For immediate pricing info, go to our rate calculator.

A+ tech support – As you probably know, we’re super responsive (and really nice); and our support is unlimited and free!

Try it out—on us! Contact us for a free, zero-obligation, 30-day trial.


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