Did You Know?
You’re So Good To Us – Enjoy Your Just Reward!
  Did You Know?
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Since we get so many great referrals from customers like you, we figured it was time we reward you for singing our praises.


That's why we're launching the K12USA Referral Program.


Yep, we want to give you a $100 Amazon gift card for each successful referral you send our way. Sweet, right?


So, if you know other K-12 techies who could use our products/services (and some refreshingly awesome tech support), please put in a good word.


Phone, email, over cocktails – however you plan to reach out, you may want some sample verbiage (adapt as you see fit):


Hi, (Name). I've been using K12USA services successfully for years and thought you'd like to know about them, too. Their products are excellent, and their tech-support staff is probably the best in the business. They're really good people and great to work with – I highly recommend them. I'm happy to share more info if you're interested.



Two ways to get credit.

1.     They contact us (just be sure they mention your name, so we know whom to credit)

2.     You send us contact info for those who've expressed interest – and we'll take it from there


Either way, once they sign on with us, you'll score that $100 Amazon gift card. Easy!


Thanks for your loyalty and support. It's customers like you who make our work so worthwhile every day.



Send your comments and suggestions to info@k12usa.com

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