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PowerTrakker Managed UPS Service
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Why do you need PowerTrakker if you already have a UPS?


As you know, a UPS can save your equipment when there's a short-term power disruption: Electricity goes out, the battery kicks in, and you've got a window of time in which to shut down your device.


But what if the battery's juice runs out – like over a weekend or a holiday or (oops) because it's been more than three or so years since the battery was changed?


Well, your UPS fails, your equipment loses power, and the data on your hard drive can get corrupted or lost.


With PowerTrakker – which is designed exclusively for use with our products* – you're spared the headache and embarrassment of data loss.


It keeps the device it's connected to running for several minutes. If power isn't restored, PowerTrakker signals the appliance to gracefully shut down – and there's no harm done.


What's really cool is that you never have to worry about swapping out equipment or batteries again, because your low subscription fee includes an automatic PowerTrakker replacement every three years.


By the way, PowerTrakker works beautifully as a standalone UPS, too. So if you don't have a UPS, you should grab this now.


Like all our products, PowerTrakker is super reasonable. It's a minor price to pay for major peace of mind.


Let us know how we can help: support@K12USA.com or 877-225-0100.



*For use with SecureSchool, WirelessTrakker, SpamTrakker and MessageGuard; you need one PowerTrakker per appliance.



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