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Did You Know That SecureSchool Has SSL Intercept?
  Did You Know?
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We want to make absolutely sure you're aware of this terrific feature!



What is SSL interception, and how does it work?


This clever tool grabs encrypted incoming and outgoing traffic, unencrypts it, examines it, makes modifications as needed (to the header, for example), content filters it, and either sends it along or rejects it altogether. Get more details in this Knowledge Base article.



3 reasons you should care:


1.     Lets you give students access to Google while blocking access to YouTube


2.     You can limit students to using their school Gmail account and block them from their personal email accounts


3.     Because SSL intercept filters HTTPS traffic, you no longer have to block SSL-encrypted sites by default (which is a pain and very time consuming)



SSL intercept is part of our Transparent Filtering option for SecureSchool.

Want to enable the SSL function? Call 877-225-0100 or email support@K12USA.com, and we'll set you up.


Note: You'll need to install certificates on participating workstations. ( This Knowledge Base article tells you how.)


Don't have Transparent Filtering with SSL Intercept?


Try it now free for 30 days. Call 877-225-0100 or hit reply, and we'll get you started.


As with all K12USA products, your subscription fee is super reasonable (check it now on our rate calculator.


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