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You Can Lighten Your Load!
SecureSchool’s Load Balancer eliminates sluggish performance and banishes headaches caused by network downtime. Click here to learn more.
SecureSchool Service Description
SecureSchool - Content Filtering, Blocking and Network Management SecureSchool is a low-cost (VERY low-cost compared to some others) Internet appliance to be used instead of Websense, I-Gear, Bess, etc. and instead of the hardware they run on. SecureSchool combines Internet filtering, transparent proxy server, firewall, and several other functions to keep students out of sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Myspace, and keeps them from evading filtering by blocking use of outside proxy filters. SecureSchool filters using multiple methods including: URL and domain filtering, content phrase filtering, PICS filtering, MIME filtering, file extension filtering, inside and outside proxy blocking.
The SecureSchool appliance becomes the connection between your network and the internet, filtering and monitoring all internet traffic. Plug it in and provide a power source, and we take care of the rest.
If you decide to provide E-mail services, when used in conjunction with our SchoolBits E-mail service for students and our WebMailPRO for staff members, a properly configured SecureSchool service represents a complete solution to CIPA compliance.
Great news! Now 60% of the already affordable SecureSchool is E-Rate eligible* (base cost before options) thanks to its bundled E-Rate-eligible caching server (40% of SecureSchool cost) and firewall (20% of SecureSchool cost). To calculate your cost immediately, go to our rate calculator.
SecureSchool Options and Add-Ons

Enhance and expand your SecureSchool's capabilities with these innovative, budget-friendly options that will make your life easier and more efficient.

Load Balancer

Eliminates sluggish performance and banishes headaches caused by network hiccups and downtime that power outages, capacity overload, and fickle ISP connections can bring. Learn more

Transparent Filtering

Our ingenious transparent filtering solution is perfect for today's proxy-unfriendly BYOD gear—like iPads, iPhones, and Android phones and tablets—and works with any computer on your network you can't (or don't want to) configure with proxy settings. Learn more

Home-to-School VPN

Give anyone you designate—such as teachers, students, and administrators—the ability to connect to your school's network remotely, offering them the flexibility to work offsite with all your school's resources at their fingertips. Learn more

School-to-School VPN

Economically and securely join your school's entire network with a sister school's entire network, and give your staff and students access to tons more resources. Learn more

SecureSchool Spare Appliance

What if your SecureSchool appliance gets damaged in an outage or other event? Can you afford the downtime needed to replace or repair your device? With our preconfigured spare appliance, you don't need to put everything on hold. Learn more

"SecureSchool is a SUPER device ! We receive the device on a Friday and had it up and running in two hours. The "tech staff" listen to my concerns and gave me ideas that would help my school network improve and protect my students, staff, and network computers. The device comes with all the correct wires and all the information to "setup" are on line in the device. SecureSchool can easily be setup for filtering from our schools or from home on a weekend ---- a real time saver!"
George Wild, Technology Facilitator, Montvale Public Schools

Try it now for free!
If you would like to test out SecureSchool remotely, please contact us by phone 877-225-0100 or e-mail info@k12usa.com to obtain a copy of our SecureSchool Demo Manual.
We also offer a free 30-day on-site demo of our SecureSchool appliance. If you would like to test our SecureSchool at your school please complete this form.
"Because SecureSchool has several different types of filtering, we really haven't had any problems. They maintain a banned sites list as well as other types of filtering based on weighted phrases and pics ratings. We can add our own blocked sites and we can add sites to our allowed sites list..."
Susanne Lehman, Northwestern School District, PA

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  • SecureSchool Technical Answers
    "I'm super-pro K12USA from a technical perspective. Their SecureSchool is a fantastic product with unparalleled customer support. They not only respond rapidly to any question I've had, but they've helped me fix many network problems unrelated to their device. At a time when customer support seems to be increasingly neglected, K12USA rocks it." Oh and their price is fantastic as well. It's a slam-dunk.
    Jeff Walker, Tech Guy, Saint Mark’s Lutheran School, Hacienda Heights, CA

    Your subscription to SecureSchool will include:
    A 1U Rack-Mountable Internet Appliance Server needed to run all of the necessary filtering software and additional services outlined below. We also include all of the necessary accessories (rack mount kit, cat5/6 cables, serial cables, and serial null modem cables) necessary to connect SecureSchool to your network.
    Firewall Service
    A Proxy/Caching Server
    A DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Server
    A (Proxy) DNS Server
    Network Address Translation (NAT service)
    FREE & Unlimited Technical Support - Our technical support is free and unlimited. You can talk to a live person by calling us toll-free at 877-225-0100 or you can send us an e-mail at techsupport@k12usa.com. The SecureSchool web-based interface also includes a contact form so that you can send us an e-mail directly from SecureSchool.
    Hardware Warranty Replacement Program - If any hardware should fail, we will ship you out a replacement via next-day air (we even cover the shipping costs).
    Hardware Upgrade Program - If the SecureSchool box that we send you can not handle your traffic, we will send you a bigger box at no additional charge.
    Service Upgrades - Once a new version of SecureSchool is available your box will be automatically updated.
    Automatic Data Backup and Updates - Our SecureSchool boxes dial home to our office each night for updates and daily back-ups.
    Web-Based Controls that include access to the following settings/features:
    Website Filtering
      •   Website Access: Block, Allow (Unfiltered ) or Content web sites

    Categories currently included: Advertising, Aggressive. Audio/Video, Chat, Diversions, Drugs, Entertainment, Gambling ,Hacking, Job Search, Mail, News, Online Auctions, Online Games, Online Payment, Phishing, Plagiarism, Pornography, Proxy, Social Networking, Sports, Spyware, Violence, Virus Infected, Warez & your own custom list

    *note - All sites that currently listed under the categories listed above can be viewed and/or edited by SecureSchool administrators.
      •   Time Restrictions - Limit Internet access by setting time restrictions.
      •   Port Access - Allow port access (Normal/HTTP or SSL/HTTPS).
      •   Authentication Exceptions - Maintain your own list of websites that do not require authentication.
      •   Caching Exceptions - Maintain your own list of websites that should not be cached.
      •   IP Exceptions - IP exceptions are workstation that will have be filtered for a specified period of time.
      •   Top-Level Domain Blocking - Block websites by their top-level domain (for example, .com is a top-level domain).
    Content Filtering
      •   Weighted Words and Phrases work by looking at all the text that appears on a web page, then giving combinations of words and phrases described in the Rules a positive or negative weight value.
    • Phrases associated with good subjects will have negative values.
    • Phrases associated with bad subjects will have positive values.
    The values are added together to give the web page a total weight. If the total weight exceeds the Weight Threshold set, then the web page is blocked.

    There are four ways you can match words. Using the word can as an example:
    1. Exact Match - This will only match the word can by itself.
    2. Contains - This will match can, candy, scandal, or pecan.
    3. Begins With - This will match can or candy.
    4. Ends With - This will match can or pecan.
    You can also make rules based on the existence of more than one word or phrase in a web page. For example, you can give a web page one weight value if it just contains the word breast, but give it a different weight value if it contains breast and chicken. Making these kinds of rules helps eliminate false blocking that may occur for words that have more than one meaning.

    Categories currently included: Bad foreign language words, Chat words, Drug Advocacy words, Gambling words, Game words, Gore words, Illegal Drugs, Intolerance words, Legal Drugs words, Peer to Peer file sharing, Personal words, Pornography words, Positive words, Proxy words, Violence words, Warez and Hacking words, Weapons words, Webmail words, and your own custom list.

    *note - All words that are currently listed under the categories listed above can be viewed and/or edited by SecureSchool administrators.
      •   Weight Threshold - Weight values defined in the Rules are added together as a web page is searched to give the page a total weight. If the total weight exceeds the Weight Threshold, the web page is blocked. The weight threshold can be viewed and edited by SecureSchool administrators.
      •   PICS Filtering - PICS filtering is based on a system established by the Internet Content Rating Associated. This system relies on voluntary self-rating of web pages. This option can be turned on or off.
      •   File Extension Blocking - Allow or Block by file extension. The current list contains over 60 file extensions that can be blocked and/or unblocked with just one click. This list can be viewed and fully edited by SecureSchool Administrators.
      •   URL Filtering - Block websites by words contained in the URL (including prefixes and suffixes). Categories currently included: Advertising words, Pornography words, Pornography Search words, Proxy Words, Search Control words and your own custom list. All words that are currently listed under the categories listed above can be viewed and/or edited by SecureSchool administrators.
      •   MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) Filtering - Block by MIME type. MIME is a specification for formation non-ASCII messages to that they can be sent of the Internet. Many e-mail clients support MIME, which enables them to send/receive graphics, audio and video files via the Internet. In addition to e-mail, Web browsers also support various MIME Types. This enables the browser to display output files that are not in HTML format. The current list contains over 120 MIME types that can be blocked with just one click of your mouse. This list can be viewed and fully edited by SecureSchool Administrators.
    Task Center
    SecureSchool's Task Center contains easy-to-use global settings to apply to everyone. Most of these filter settings can also be managed by group level filtering.
      •   Search Engine Control Center - Set global filters to force your users to use the safe search options offered by the top search engines (AltaVista, Dogpile, Excite, Google, Hotbot, MSN, WebCrawler, and Yahoo).
      •   Anti-Proxy Center - Set global filters to stop users from using bypass proxies. This option turns on the appropriate filters under URL Filtering, Website Access, Block IP Addresses, Weighted Words & Phrases, Firewall Rules and Port Access. Each one of the options can be turned on or off.
      •   Anti-Personal Publishing Center - Set global filters to stop users from accessing personal publishing websites (social networking services, web-based e-mail sites).
      •   Anti-File Sharing Center - Set global filters to block peer to peer file sharing programs.
      •   E-mail Control Center - Set global filters to control access to e-mail servers. This includes settings for WebSite Access, Weighted Words and Phrase and Mail Protocols (block SMTP, POP3 and IMAP access to all IP addresses except from those you list as exceptions.)
    Reports & Logs
      •   Usage Summary Report, Daily/Hourly Usage Graphs
      •   Traffic Graphs, Workstation Activity
      •   URL Access Reports - View activity by URL. Sort by URL, Hits or Kilobytes of Traffic. Search options included. View by month/year.
      •   Log Files - (search by User, workstation IP address)

    * logs can be exported as a tab-delimited text file

    Other search options include:
    Entire Day or by specified time.
    Exclude Images.
    Exclude JavaScript.
    Exclude external style sheets.
    Search for All Blocked log messages.
    Sites blocked because the Block All IP Addresses filter is on.
    Sites blocked because only sites in the Allowed Sites list are permitted.
    A banned phrase was found in the URL.
    A Banned File Extension was being access.
    A file with a Banned MIME Type was being accessed.
    This is a Banned Website.
    The Weighted Words and Phrases Weight Limit was exceeded.
    A PICS Filter limit was exceeded.
    Sites that were accessed without being filtered, because they are on the Allowed.
    Sites that were accessed without being filtered, because the user was an Exception User.
    Sites that were accessed without being filtered, because the workstation IP Address was an Exception IP.
    Sites that were allowed because they did not trigger any filters.
      •   User Authentication, Group Filtering & Moderation Options - SecureSchool offers a variety of authentication, group filtering & moderations options. SecureSchool can allow Internet access by users, groups of users, and/or workstations.
      •   Proxy Authentication (authenticate by user)
      •   IP Groups (authenticate by workstation IP address)
      •   NTLM Authentication (authenticate by Windows NT/2000/2003 network login)
      •   Filter Group Settings, Moderator Accounts - Create multiple filter groups and moderator accounts.
      •   Unblock Requests - Turn on notification preferences to allow unblock requests to be sent via e-mail to specified moderator(s).
      •   Block Message(s) - Customizable block message. SecureSchool administrators can include school logo, a link to the school's Internet Acceptable User Policy (AUP), and custom messages.
      •   Protocol Rules
      •   Port Forwarding
      •   Address Forwarding
      •   DMZ Rules
      •   Tools: Ping, Traceroute, Mtraceroute, Whois, DNS, DNS Trace, Bandwidth, AS Lookup, CIDR
      •   Firewall: Stats, Full Log, Accept Log, Deny Log & Count Log
      •   Status: Interface Setup, Stats, Routes, Date/Time, Flush Arp, Inside/Outside Traffic
    "Our internet service is noticeably more reliable than our configuration before implementing SecureSchool
    and I am very satisfied with your technical support."

    Director of Computer Operations

    Click to Compare SecureSchool to competing filtering solutions.
    Click to view screen demos for SecureSchool.
    Click to calculate your price for SecureSchool.
    Click to access our SecureSchool Signup Information Form.
    "First of all, I formerly worked in a school environment and SecureSchool was the best solution we found to fill our need of internet filtering. It was easy to set up and configure. After it was installed, it was running peacefully in the background, making my job much easier, and our students could access the internet in a much more secure environment. When I moved to my current position, an internet filter was also required for an on-site school, hospital patient use and staff. SecureSchool was my first thought, and it has again been the perfect solution for our LAN environment. Your sales and customer service people have always been friendly and very helpful. And your tech support has been stellar! It's a very rare occasion when and if the SecureSchool box has any issues, but when that rare occasion has happened, your tech support has resolved the issue in no time flat. I'm really impressed, and needed to let you know what a wonderful job your people and your product are doing! Thank you for making my life (and job) a lot easier!"
    Jim Taylor, Thomas Finan Center

    *We believe our statements about E-Rate eligibility are accurate based on our reading of the new FCC guidelines. Actual eligibility is not guaranteed and will be determined by the SLC/FCC after applications are submitted.

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