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SpamTrakker Spare Appliance

Oops, a power event just fried your spam filter. No worries, our spare appliance comes to the rescue.

Blackouts, brownouts, and other outages are inevitable.

But when your SpamTrakker spam-blocker device gets damaged and your data’s destroyed as a result—well, that’s a major hassle. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

With a little advanced planning and a teeny investment, you can be up and running again in no time: Just keep a SpamTrakker spare appliance on hand. When your original device fails, plug in the spare, and you’re back in business. It’s the best service contract in the world.

Because we preconfigure your spare prior to shipping—and back up your SpamTrakker nightly—every setting, configuration, and customization is exactly as you left it. Simply pick up where you left off—it’s like nothing ever happened.

Hold on, there’s more. Ship the damaged device back to us, and we’ll replace with another SpamTrakker to keep on hand as your new spare. All this comes free with your subscription.*

Just as you wouldn’t drive without a spare tire, don’t get caught without a spare SpamTrakker spam filter. It’s like buying really inexpensive—but unbelievably good—insurance.

You can find your rate here, then get in touch to order your SpamTrakker spare appliance now. Or call us at 877-225-0100.

*We cover two-way ground shipping in the continental U.S. Our customers in Alaska and Hawaii pay partial shipping charges.

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SpamTrakker Spam Filter Spare Appliance
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If an outage fries your SpamTrakker, keeping a spare on hand will save hours—or days—of aggravation. Plug it in, we do a quick update, and off you go. It’s the best service contract in the world