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From web-content filters to K–12 ticketing systems, we provide the services you need at a price you can afford—with the assurance they work.

School IT management can be stressful, to say the least. And no one knows that better than our founder, James Punderson.

He worked in K–12 schools for years—as a teacher, tech consultant, and school board president—so he’s familiar with the headaches:

  • IT directors and staff who are overwhelmed with choices and frustrated by budget constraints
  • Vendors who persuade customers to buy expensive add-ons that later prove complicated and time consuming
  • Brands that charge through the nose for warranties, licensing fees, upgrades, and shipping
  • Lame tech support that amounts to phone trees, long waits, Muzak, and eventually a human who may or may not help you

Jamie launched K12USA in 1999 to bring a refreshing mindset and new values to the industry.

For one thing, customer service would not just be lip service—it’d be the crux of our business model. Our obsession is you: We jump through hoops to earn your trust and make you happy.

That means you get:

  • Dependable, aggravation-free products with simple setups and easy-to-navigate interfaces
  • Economical pricing that fits your budget
  • Free equipment upgrades, software updates, and warranties, along with free two-way (ground) shipping in the continental U.S.
  • Live humans who answer the phone and resolve tech issues quickly –– a godsend when your system goes haywire, you’re sweating bullets, and your boss is breathing down your neck (BTW, tech support is free)
  • Discounts for qualifying multi-year and/or multi-service customers

As our customers’ needs have grown, so has our product line, which now includes:

We’re not like the others—which is precisely why you’ll love us.

Eight reasons why we’re better than the competition:

  1. Products for Real People, Not Geeks
    As geeky as we are, we keep things streamlined and intuitive. Our tools are equipped with exactly what you need and none of the overkill features that suck money, time, and sanity.
  2. Uncommonly Good (and Free) Tech Support
    Our claim to fame. Contact us during business hours (weekdays 7:30 A.M. to 7:30 P.M. ET) and you talk to a live person who’s smart, friendly, and almost always able to resolve your issue on the spot.
  3. Transparent Pricing
    No backroom deals, no haggling, no fine print, no surprises. Want to know a price? Just go to our rate calculator and find it instantly. Wait, there is one surprise: You may have sticker shock (in a good way) when you see how reasonable our fees are compared to our competitors’ rates.
  4. Transparent Customer List
    See for yourself what a diverse and robust roster of clients we have.
  5. Zero Risk of Obsolescence
    With technology evolving at lightning speed, your equipment and software can quickly become obsolete, forcing you to buy expensive upgrades and updates. Not here. We update and upgrade your stuff whenever necessary—at no cost to you.
  6. Free Ground Shipping—Both Directions
    Don’t you hate shipping fees? We know you do—so whether we’re shipping an appliance to you or you’re sending one back to us, we’ve got you covered. (Applies to continental U.S. Our customers in Alaska and Hawaii pay partial shipping fees.)
  7. Try Before You Buy
    Want to test-drive our products before you commit? Get free, unlimited use of any service for 30 days—there’s no risk or obligation. We’ll just need a little info to get you rolling.
  8. One-Track Mind
    Schools are our specialty. We don’t dilute our services or divert our attention across a slew of industries. We’ve been in your world, and we understand your concerns and frustrations. We know our customers and listen—and we’ve even tweaked our products based on their suggestions. Think you’ll get that from Cisco?

Our Mission:

To provide products and services that help you handle everyday tasks better and faster—without having to purchase additional hardware and software or burden your already overloaded technical staff.

Excellent, no-frills products; crazy-good customer support; untouchable prices; and a company that puts you on a pedestal—what’s not to love?

Don’t waste another second paying outrageous fees and stewing over unresolved technical issues.

Come onboard now. Just email us or call 877-225-0100, and we’ll answer all your questions and get you started.

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Streamlined, Intuitive Technologies Built for the Modern K–12 School
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From web-content filters to K–12 ticketing systems, we provide the services you need at a price you can afford—with the assurance they work. Here’s who we are and what we believe in.