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Why is Email for Students Important?

Providing students with a safe email program prepares them for life in an email-centric world.

It goes without saying that email is integral to the way we communicate. And kids who don’t learn the basics like effective email writing and etiquette are at a disadvantage compared to their tech-savvy peers.

SchoolBits is one of the safest student email programs around. It an be monitored and moderated, ensuring ultimate protection from spammy and inappropriate messages.

Armed with this tool, you and your students can enjoy enhanced learning, time-saving conveniences, and interaction with experts and other students all over the world.

For example:


Email students to remind them of upcoming due dates for projects and tests.

Students can email other students, teachers, and staff to gather information for the school newspaper, online newsletter, and other “crowd-sourced” projects.

Teacher/Student Communication
Strengthen student-teacher rapport with frequent e-communication about assignments, class activities, and other happenings.

Homework Assignments
Help students stay organized and informed by emailing them a list of assignments for the week.

Teacher Absence
Email students about their projects, homework, and tests while you’re out of the classroom, on leave, or at a conference.

Student Absence
Students can keep up on their classwork, have assignments emailed to them, and submit homework when off campus.

Send copies of handouts or practice questions via email to reinforce classroom learning.

Extra Credit
Assign individual students advanced projects or extra-credit work.

Project Progress Reports
Request that students email you their project updates to keep them motivated and accountable.

School Announcements
Allows staff to send alerts and announcements to students and receive feedback from them.

Guidance Counseling
Students can correspond with their guidance counselors about class choices, college plans, meeting times, etc.


Email is a great way for older students to mentor younger ones or guide them through subjects and projects.

Project Collaboration
Students can communicate with each other to easily collaborate on projects or study for tests.

Email Pen Pals
Promote cross-cultural exchange with students around the world, and share day-to-day life with kids in other countries.

Calendar / Announcements
Students can email announcements to each other for meetings, deadlines, sports scores, prom plans, etc.

Communication Between Classes
Students can practice good email communication by exchanging messages with schoolmates in other grades.

Students can take polls via email and compile the results.


Student Research
When doing recon for a project, students can email experts for information.

Write Members of Congress
Encourage students to write their local Congressional representatives—or other politicians—to weigh in on issues, ask questions, etc.

Career Research
Students can write to people in various fields to obtain information and advice on their jobs and career choices.

Student Handbook
Post a copy of the student handbook in the shared-files section, so students can easily access it.

Ready to give your students an excellent foundation in email? Request SchoolBits for your school today. You can start with a free 30-day trial or sign up right now.

Questions? Call 877-255-0100 or email support@K12USA.com.

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Why is Email for Students Important?
Email is integral to the way we communicate. Kids who don’t learn the basics, like effective email writing and etiquette, are at a huge disadvantage. Here, the many benefits of a safe email program for students.
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