Stop spam—and clear your school’s inboxes of thousands of junk emails.

Managing spam is a huge time waster—and phishing scams can do substantial harm.

Problem is, most anti-spam software is easy to fool, because it uses static techniques to identify spam email messages. A spammer simply tweaks the email message, and poof! It bypasses the spam filter and arrives in your mailbox.

SpamTrakker is smarter.

Its Bayesian-filtering technology is the most effective anti-spam weapon out there, with a 98 percent spam-detection rate. This clever technology uses a mathematical approach to “learn” the difference between good and junk email.

Our spam blocker conveniently integrates with Outlook and most other email clients and lets you have total control of your school’s spam “tolerance” level.

How it works:

  • SpamTrakker tags incoming email messages with the details (called “hits”) of its analysis
  • Each hit is rated and then added up to give the message a total spam score
  • This total score determines if the email gets delivered or deleted

SpamTrakker also identifies spam via:

  • Blacklists –– supports multiple blacklists
  • Text analysis –– examines emails for character styles that spammers typically use
  • Header analysis –– looks for common tricks spammers use to conceal their identities

Manage your spam threshold:

  • You set the delete-spam threshold for your entire school. For example, a spam score of 7 or higher gets deleted (can be managed/changed in settings)
  • If your school uses an email client that has header-based mail-rule capabilities (like Outlook), users can set rules to automatically move messages (that have a lower spam score than your default level) to a specified folder
    • Messages can be filtered by subject, sender’s address, customized headers, etc.

Affordably priced, SpamTrakker is easy to install and manage. We configure your appliance before we ship it, so all you do is connect and go.

You also get free, unlimited tech support; free software updates; free ground shipping*; and free appliance upgrades and replacements for the lifetime of your subscription.

Ready to kiss spam goodbye? Email us now, or call 877-225-0100, and we’ll get you spam-free in a jiffy.

Free trial: If you want to test SpamTrakker out first, fill out this quickie form, and we’ll fire up your free 30-day, no-obligation trial.

*Free ground shipping in the continental U.S. Our customers in Alaska and Hawaii pay reduced shipping charges.

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Using Bayesian-filtering technology—the most effective anti-spam weapon out there, with a 98% spam-detection rate—SpamTrakker integrates with Outlook and most other email clients. Lets you have total control over your school’s tolerance level.