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Get Your Just Reward With the K12USA Referral Rewards Program

When you introduce your colleagues to our services, we’ll thank you in a big way.

Our customers are so good to us. They sing our praises and tell all their friends about our Internet filter, universal wireless support, help-desk-management tools for technology and maintenance, and our other school tools.

They appreciate us for who we are—a smart little company that loves them back and proves it with:

  • Excellent, affordable products
  • Free and uncommonly good tech support
  • Free two-way ground shipping,* software updates, and hardware upgrades

They know that, for a small business like ours, referrals are precious. And the less we have to spend on marketing, the more we can pass the savings on to them.
So we decided to thank all the amazing people who spread the word and help us grow.

Introducing the K12USA.com Referral Rewards Program

Here’s how it works:

Send a referral our way, and we’ll give you a $100 Amazon gift card when that person becomes a customer. There’s no limit to the number of gifts you can collect.

Two Ways to Get Credit:

  1. Your friends contact us –– Be sure they mention your name, so we know to give you credit
  2. You let us know that your colleague is interested, and we’ll do the follow-up. Just shoot us the person’s contact info (name, email address, and/or phone number), or give us a call at 877-225-0100.

Either way, as soon as your contact signs on with us and we receive payment, you’ll score a $100 Amazon gift card.

Easy, right? You probably already know some frustrated techies who could use a dose of K12USA, so please tell them about us—and get ready for your shopping spree!

If you’ve got someone in mind right now, drop us an email or buzz us (877-225-0100).

*Free ground shipping in the continental U.S. Our customers in Alaska and Hawaii pay reduced shipping fees.

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K12USA Referral Rewards Program
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Get your just reward by participating in the K12USA Referral Rewards Program. Simply refer friends and colleagues, and you’ll score a generous gift card each time someone becomes customer.