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We love clients who talk back. Here’s what they have to say about our products and services:


Internet Filter, Firewall, and Cache Server

You guys have fantastic tech support. Sean is always very helpful. The product [SecureSchool] works very well. Students don’t like it. Makes my job easier.

– Ernie Booth, Colonial Beach Public Schools, VA

We’ve been K12USA customers for over 15 years and have always been satisfied that both content filtering and firewall protection are excellent.

– Rich Magee, The Christ School, FL

I rely on your tech helpline (calling in for filter issues) very much and I believe that, this is your best feature. I like the quick response time and the human interaction is key.

– Park Ridge School District, NJ

Your system [SecureSchool} provided wonderful protection this year against multiple attacks from DDos sources. It stood up well shielding us from 1Gig+ attacks! Thank you for Sean’s assistance in the matter as well. He gave us instant info on how to deal with it. Kudos!

– Linus Wurtz, La Salle Institute, NJ

Your services are great and tech support is good.

– Waterfront Montessori, NJ

K12USA.com is great! I love how fast and efficient your tech support is.

– Martha Duran, St. Raphael Catholic School, TX

We’re very happy with SecureSchool.

We were looking for a comprehensive and easily manageable solution to our CIPA needs. We’re very pleased with SecureSchool. It allows us to filter access to the Internet in a number of ways that support the direction we’ve gone with our infrastructure.

The ability to make changes without technical support frees us up to be very proactive with our filtering. When we do encounter issues, the immediate availability of K12USA tech support is very good—I’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes to have my problem worked on and resolved.

I’d be hard-pressed to name a deficiency—I’ve had a great experience with this system and have recommended SecureSchool to the Region IX Education Cooperative in my area; they’re implementing it at a majority of our member districts.

Thank you for your proactive response to the PARCC testing issues we encountered while trying to use the Pearson products for state-required testing. Your staff was aware of these problems—and in many cases—already had solutions. We are very happy with the SecureSchool solution.

– Joel Ferguson, Network and IT Manager, Cloudcroft Municipal School District, NM

You guys have the best support I’ve ever witnessed.

You guys have the best support I’ve ever witnessed. Your pricing was tremendous and your product did exactly as advertised.

I have always told everyone I meet that your product, support and pricing was the best I had ever seen. No one offers a second standby box for $500 and support calls picked up every time. I will continue to praise you guys to whoever asks.

– Frank Summers, Educational Technology Director

SecureSchool is absolutely the best bang for your buck.

We were looking for an all-in-one device that could act as our router, proxy, and filter to keep our students safe. More important, we wanted it to be cost effective. Although dealing with a small company can be hit or miss—we were concerned about stability and reliability—our fears were unfounded with K12USA.

SecureSchool does its job—and does it well. The easy user interface is simple to manage, straightforward, and user friendly. We love knowing exactly where our Internet traffic goes and that we can quickly and easily block and unblock sites. Plus, we get reports, reports, reports.

SecureSchool is absolutely the best bang for your buck for any school that needs an all-in-one appliance that practically does it all. And K12USA has the best tech support in the business. Continue doing what you guys do best!

– Dominic Mendiola, Instructional Technology Specialist, ACTC, ACMT, Moreau Catholic High School, CA

SecureSchool has exceeded our expectations since day one.

We needed a firewall and CIPA-compliant filter that could be managed locally and have great technical support. That is exactly what we found with SecureSchool.

We’ve been customers for 13 years now, and SecureSchool has met our needs and exceeded our expectations since day one. Their tech support is the best for any product or service I have ever used. I am able to do a lot of management locally. When I can’t, getting help from K12USA is a breeze.

In addition, SecureSchool’s performance, features, price, and optional services are terrific benefits. I’ve been recommending SecureSchool for 13 years, and I will continue to do so. I’m confident that whoever follows my recommendation will be grateful I made it.

– Jay Christgau Director of Technology, Minocqua J1 School District, WI

I’m installing five more SecureSchools this summer.

One of our school districts was preparing to renew support licenses for its firewall and web filter. A colleague from another district told us about SecureSchool, and we decided to give it a try. SecureSchool provided more functionality than both the old devices it replaced—at about half the cost.

I was reluctant to install SecureSchool during the school year, but with the help of your amazing support staff, it was actually pretty easy. The appliance was shipped preconfigured, and with Sean’s expertise, we had it up and running in minutes during spring break.

Management of our wireless network has never been easier! Our previous firewall was difficult to understand and configure—I always had to call tech support when making changes, and the support staff were difficult to understand.

I like SecureSchool’s intuitive, easy-to-configure interface and your superior customer support—it’s absolutely amazing! When I get in a jam, I make a quick call, which is usually answered immediately, and Sean, Tom, or one of your other product experts resolves the issue in minutes.

Your products are great, but your support staff is what truly sets your company apart from the others. I have never had better support with any other technology company. I continually recommend your products and am installing five more SecureSchools this summer.

– Stacy Wren, Network Administrator, Region IX Education Cooperativem Capitan Municipal School District, NM

Top of the line product without the top of the line price tag…

Top of the line product without the top of the line price tag and the technical staff are so knowledgeable. When one of them answers the phone, they are ready to answer my questions and help with the problem!

– Kathy Ingram, Technology Coordinator

SecureSchool gives you all the flexibility you could ever want.

I recommend SecureSchool without hesitation. The product is great and gives you all the flexibility you could ever want. But my favorite part is, in 30 years of doing computer support, I’ve found that K12USA has the best support staff I’ve ever worked with!

– Bill Diehl, Coordinator of Network and Hardware Support, Gloucester County Public Schools, VA

When you compare cost with features, you can’t beat it.

Our previous filtering solution had a lot of holes. In talking to the manufacturer, we learned that the product could do all the things we needed it to do, we just had to purchase add-ons—and each add-on was thousands of dollars we didn’t have. The SecureSchool interface looked “elementary” compared to other products out there—I didn’t know if that was indicative of its performance, capability, and/or support. I’m glad I was wrong!

Content filtering used to be a daily chore, as we were constantly getting reports from teachers about sites that should be blocked—then we’d enter them into the system and hope new sites didn’t pop up.

Since switching to SecureSchool, we don’t get those kinds of requests much anymore. It lets my staff and me focus on other issues. I love that SecureSchool integrates with our active directory environment, giving students and staff different levels of access when they log on.

The other benefits are:

(1) An always friendly, always personable, always able-to-help support staff. Nine times out of 10, the people answering the phone know the product inside and out and can fix the issue within minutes of diagnosing the problem. That one time out of 10, they’ll immediately get you to someone who can help.

(2) SecureSchool keeps it simple. With most other products, the more you tinker with how the filter operates, the more complicated it gets.

(3) It works! After the initial setup and configuration process, making tweaks to the system is simple. There’s no question I would recommend this product: When you compare cost with features, you can’t beat it.

–Kyle Bisignani, Lead Technologist, Hopatcong Borough Schools, NJ

SecureSchool is packed with more features than expected in a school filter.

I went with you folks because of the frustrations of having to deal with a SonicWall filter and its expensive tech support. SecureSchool was reasonably priced, so I decided to give it a try. Your tech support has been the best of any tech company I’ve ever dealt with—I give it an A+.

I’m a stressed school IT systems manager, and your team is very helpful. Sean, John, and the others have always been there to troubleshoot problems and find solutions if needed. The appliance is excellent and is packed with more features than expected in a school filter—all at an economical price.

Since implementing SecureSchool, my favorite feature is not having to worry about the filter! It’s a good product with a good interface—and the two other benefits are good support X2. Simply good support—don’t change it.

I have recommended SecureSchool to other school techs who haven’t heard of you; I took a chance and found it to be the best. I hope more do, too.

– John Montgomery, Technology Specialist, Wethersfield School District, IL

SecureSchool gave us peace of mind.

We wanted filtering on all devices in our district and SecureSchool delivered it, giving us peace of mind that inappropriate sites are being filtered. I appreciate that we were able to swap out our appliance after K12USA reviewed our logs and determined we needed a bigger SecureSchool box—they delivered a new one the next day.

The filter has an easy-to-use interface and is cost effective; plus, the tech support is great. I would recommend SecureSchool to any district rolling out iPads and Chromebooks.

– Technology Coordinator, NJ

SecureSchool is a slam-dunk.

I’m super-pro K12USA. Their SecureSchool is a fantastic product with unparalleled customer support. They not only respond rapidly to any question I’ve had, but they’ve helped me fix many network problems unrelated to their device. Sean and his team have major networking chops. Time and time again, they’ve saved my staff and students from lost productivity.

I’m hoping to add their WirelessTrakker system, so I can expand the parts of my network they can help me with. At a time when customer support seems to be increasingly neglected, K12USA rocks it.

Oh, and their price is fantastic as well. It’s a slam-dunk.

– Jeff Walker, Tech Guy, Saint Mark’s Lutheran School, Hacienda Heights, CA

I can manage the system from anywhere, school or home.

SecureSchool is excellent! And (if this is even possible), their support is better than excellent. I’ve used both email and phone support, depending on the need. Response times have been fast!

Because SecureSchool has several different types of filtering, we haven’t had any problems. They maintain a banned-sites list as well as other types of filtering; we can add our own blocked sites and add sites to our allowed sites list.

I highly recommend their services. I also like the fact that I can manage the system from anywhere, school or home.

– Susanne Lehman, Northwestern School District, PA

SecureSchool is a super device!

We received the appliance on a Friday and had it up and running in two hours. The tech staff listened to my concerns and gave me ideas that would help my school network improve and protect my students, staff, and network computers.

The device comes with all the necessary wires, and all the setup information can be found online in the device. SecureSchool can easily be set up for filtering from school or from home on a weekend—a real timesaver!

– George Wild, Technology Facilitator, Montvale Public Schools, NJ

I’ve had a fraction of the helpdesk calls I had daily with Cyberpatrol.

I am very pleased with SecureSchool. What a relief not to worry constantly about Internet filtering. I haven’t had to adjust the filter settings much, and I’ve only had a fraction of the helpdesk calls I had daily with Cyberpatrol.

Also, being able to administer it from the web/network has made my life so much easier. Thanks again for helping us set everything up properly and for guiding me through the system operation.

– Jerome Addison, Pinewood Preparatory School, SC

SecureSchool has worked out extremely well for us.

Pricing was very good. Support during purchase, installation, and operation has been unbelievably good. It does a much better job filtering out things we do not want the kids to see or do. It is very user friendly, and we can easily make changes as needed.

– Joe Beene, Technology Coordinator, Macomb Public Schools

The greatest asset of SecureSchool is the outstanding support.

I’ve been extremely pleased with the filter’s performance and the flexibility of the system. The greatest asset of SecureSchool is the outstanding support. We’ve had few problems, but the ones we had were solved immediately. The support people have worked with me to get the most effective configuration that balances screening with user needs, and they are patient and thorough. Because of the level of service we received, we also signed up for WebMailPRO, which is up and running perfectly.

– Jay Christgau, District Technology Coordinator, Minocqua J1 School District

Your people and products are doing a wonderful job!

I formerly worked in a school environment, and SecureSchool was the best solution we found to fill our Internet-filtering needs. It was easy to set up and configure. After it was installed, it was running peacefully in the background, making my job much easier, and our students could access the Internet in a much more secure environment.

When I moved to my current position, we needed an Internet filter for our on-site school for hospital patients and staff. SecureSchool/ISBoss has again been the perfect solution for our LAN environment. Your sales and customer service people are always friendly and very helpful. And your tech support is stellar!

It’s a rare occasion that the SecureSchool/ISBossBox has any issues, but when that rare occasion happens, your tech support resolves the issue in no time flat. I’m really impressed and needed to let you know what a wonderful job your people and your product are doing!

Thank you for making my life (and job) a lot easier!

– Jim Taylor, Thomas Finan Center, MD

SecureSchool and K12USA are top notch.

K12USA has been a pleasure to deal with since the first time I called for information about SecureSchool.

Your support staff spent a great deal of time on the phone with me explaining the product and how it worked before I even made a decision to purchase it for our school district—and believe me when I say it has made my job much easier. Please don’t tell my boss about that one.

Anytime I have had concerns, your staff has taken the time to help. K12USA recently contacted me to tell me our current box was not handling our traffic load and then sent me an upgraded unit free of charge—that just blew me away.

I would definitely recommend K12USA to anyone who asks. SecureSchool and K12USA are definitely top notch.

– Eric Keiper, Network Specialist/Email Administrator, Easton Area School District, PA

SecureSchool worked perfectly

I manage firewall and content-filter services in my district. Last year, we implemented a one-to-one laptop program and needed a way to filter laptops when they leave campus to go home with the students.

SecureSchool’s solution solved this problem for us and worked perfectly. It filtered the homebound user and provided the accountability we needed to safely deploy laptops. In addition to solving the problem, SecureSchool also gives us fine-grain reporting on a user-by-user basis.

Parents were concerned that the laptops would be misused or allow online predators to communicate with their children. After one year with this solution, we did not have a single incident. The combination of port- and service-based firewall protection, along with the proxy-based content filter, is a homerun for K–12 education.

– Mike Munafo, Technology Supervisor, Pittsgrove Township Schools, NJ

A godsend to public schools.

Thank you all for such a great product. The more I use SecureSchool, the more I think that this device is a godsend to public schools. It works very well and the price is right—which is part and parcel of what makes this product superior.

The human interface makes learning the device easy. Not only is the product very good, but customer service is excellent, outstanding, superior, magnificent, and wonderful.

– Lee Buller, Director of Technology, USD 411, Goessel, KS

Well-designed and easy to use.

SecureSchool is well-designed, easy to use, cost appropriate, and provides effective, efficient, and thorough filtering.

– Ralph Johnson, Magnolia Public Schools, NJ

Better protection than any filter I have used.

I’ve been using SecureSchool for about 10 years in three K–12 schools. The filter and firewall are excellent, easy to use, and provide better protection for the children than any filter I have used. It’s also an excellent tool for monitoring and managing Internet bandwidth utilization.

Over my 40-year career, I frequently called on tech support for help with equipment. I have never received better support than I have from K12USA/SecureSchool. I have only been put on hold one or two times in a decade, and my problems have always been quickly and satisfactorily resolved.

I highly recommend this filter/firewall and the Secure School support staff to anyone for use in a K–12 environment.

– Joe Beene, Technology Director, Macomb Public Schools, OK

Our annual cost is reasonable compared to other solutions.

We used Symantec Web Security for our CIPA compliance until it was discontinued. When researching both software and appliance solutions, I finally decided on SecureSchool, and we’ve been very pleased.

Our annual cost is reasonable compared to other solutions, and the device fits our filtering needs very well. K12USA’s tech support has been extremely helpful and effective on the few occasions I’ve needed it.

– Evan Reese, Lake County SD 7, OR

I rarely have to think about SecureSchool.

Just the fact that I rarely have to think about SecureSchool speaks volumes. The system works well, is very easy to adjust, and we’ve only had to call tech support a few times. By the way, the tech-support team is very helpful, never condescending, and very pleasant to deal with. We are pleased with SecureSchool all around.

– Susan Christy, St. Barbara Catholic School, CA

Before SecureSchool, I spent a lot of time blocking proxy and game sites

SecureSchool does a great job. Our students hate it. This saves me a lot of time monitoring their Internet usage, as I know they’ll be blocked from certain sites.

We’ve been using SecureSchool for two years—before that, I spent a lot of time blocking proxy and game sites. When students do find game sites, the teachers let me know, and I block them.

– Ernie Booth, Network Administrator, Colonial Beach Public Schools, VA

SecureSchool is an effective tool for our online security.

Over the years I have found K12USA’s support-services staff to be knowledgeable, efficient, and timely. The SecureSchool Internet-filtering appliance is an effective tool for our online security.

– Conne Becraft, Executive Director, Saint Francis Community Center, NJ

SecureSchool is awesome.

I always recommend SecureSchool to anyone who asks about Internet filtering. It’s less expensive than all other products out there, and tech support is always responsive to any issues that pop up.

– John P. Miller, Director of Technology, Haddonfield Public Schools, NJ

I highly recommend SecureSchool.

I’ve been very happy with SecureSchool—it has saved me a lot of time and effort, and the interface is very easy to use. What really blows me away, though, is the support I get from K12USA. I’ve only had to call twice in the three years I’ve had the system. Both times, my call was answered by pleasant people that worked right away to get the issues resolved, which they did in no time at all. I highly recommend SecureSchool.

– Scott Griffin, Kaw Valley USD 321, KS

I couldn’t be more pleased with the SecureSchool appliance.

I love having an all-in-one appliance to provide firewall, content filtering, and cache services.

– Tom Shuman, Lafayette Township School, Lafayette, NJ

SecureSchool is great.

It’s fast, reliable, and well thought out. Tech support has been excellent for the few times we’ve needed them.

– Frederick Hanke, Technology Coordinator, Pennsauken Public Schools

We’re very happy with SecureSchool.

SecureSchool is simple to use and the customer service is great. Your support staff is very knowledgeable and responsive to our questions and issues.

– Matthew Ishibashi, Manalapan-Englishtown Regional Schools

Your filtering program is the best thing since sliced bread!

Our ability to monitor, track, and regulate Internet usage has never been easier. I get the same response from area schools that I recommended this program to—thank you for such a wonderful tool!

– David Morris, Principal, Bowlegs High School, OK

SecureSchool works. It’s that simple.

SecureSchool is easy to manage and flexible enough to provide the correct filtering level to all ages in our school district. It just works—and works well.

But there’s more: service! Outstanding, superb, extraordinary, wonderful, terrific, splendid, marvelous, fabulous, fantastic, and marvelous service.

I can’t begin to list all the superlatives I could use to describe the service we receive from K12USA. The engineers/techs know the product, the Internet, and how to make it all work.

Calling tech support is a dream. When I can’t figure it out, they can. They always treat me as a good customer and never talk down to me. Service sells this product alone!

SecureSchool is affordable, and the business model K12USA developed respects the budget constraints of K–12 school districts

– Lee Buller, Director of Technology, Goessel USD 411, KS

Customizable and easy to manage.

SecureSchool provides great filtering and is a great toolset for those who want to see the nitty-gritty traffic detail and don’t have time to set up another box.

It’s very customizable and has an easy-to-manage URL unblock request form.

Staff is great and able to help out with all issues, even if the problem isn’t directly related to SecureSchool.

– Michael Milnes, Westampton Township School District, NJ

I’m very pleased with Secure School.

It’s easy to use and works well for our district’s web filtering. I highly recommend this service to any school district looking for an efficient filtering system.

Diane DeBlock, Technology Coordinator, Ringwood School District, NJ

SecureSchool filter is one of the best tools in our network.

Tech support always answers the phone, and the support team usually resolves problems within minutes. Sometimes they troubleshoot out of their realm to fix a problem, e.g., server setup issues, switching issues, etc. Without SecureSchool, our network would not have the uptime that it does.

– Kurt Stanwick, Lenape Valley Regional High School, NJ

We’re very pleased with the hardware, the support, and the friendly staff.

We’ve been using SecureSchool for four years now, and the software interface is constantly being enhanced and improved. It’s simple to navigate and generally very easy to adjust our settings for Internet access.

If we have a problem, we just call the toll-free number. I can’t recall a time we had to wait for assistance or didn’t get our problem solved on the first call.

We’re very pleased with the hardware, the support, and the friendly staff. Customer support is a major factor that separates your company from the competition, plus your pricing is very competitive.

We’ve added SpamTrakker and MessageGuard and are very pleased with these products as well.

– James R Brogan, Director of Technology, Gloucester County Public Schools, VA

We’re extremely pleased with the content filtering

The support staff is great! They’re always willing and able to help. It’s refreshing not to be placed on hold forever when calling a company for support.

As a new customer, K12USA worked with us to come up with purchasing contracts that made the transition to SecureSchool very agreeable to our schools in Arizona.

We’re extremely pleased with the content filtering this software provides for our students. We had serious problems with our previous content-filtering software when running some of our web-based student software. Those problems have been completely eliminated with SecureSchool.

– Art Wellman, Technology Support Specialist, Imagine Schools

I especially appreciate the reporting features.

The system has been very effective, is easily customizable, and the support has been excellent. I especially appreciate the reporting features, which have helped us solve a problem that is not directly related to Internet filtering.

– Rudy Avizius, Technology Administrator, Maple Shade School District, NJ

SecureSchool helps keep our students on task.

SecureSchool has been a lifesaver for our school district, especially in the technology phase of academic instruction. As a computer teacher, I’ve worked with other filters, many of which were not as efficient as SecureSchool.

It helps keep our students on task, rather than distracting them because they accidentally opened an inappropriate site.

– Mae Cox, Computer Teacher, Beverly City School, NJ

We’re very pleased with your Internet-filtering service.

It does exactly what you promised. And the customer support has been awesome. I rarely have to call, but on the occasions I have, your techs have worked with me effectively and efficiently, making sure our needs have been addressed perfectly. I’ve recommended you to other schools!

– Jim Scriven, Administrator / Principal, Anchor Lutheran School, AK

Shows me what our students are really trying to access.

We’re happy with the SecureSchool system. Your technical support has been great. Whenever we have problems, your tech staff is able to determine what the issues are and repair them in a timely manner. The program has shown me a lot of the things our students are really trying to access. SecureSchool has been a success.

– Bruce Ludwig, LeMars Community School, IA


Wireless-Network Solution

WirelessTrakker solved all our problems.

We’re extremely happy with WirelessTrakker. We’d been using an old Wi-Fi setup with Linksys access points that had none of the features we needed.

WirelessTrakker solved all our problems: integration with the SecureSchool content filter for both PCs and iPads; the ability to regulate access points, balance each for various locations, and adjust projection of each on different frequencies and multiple VLANs; and the flexibility of having four SSIDs, including a rotating guest Wi-Fi that expires every 24 hours to ensure integrity of our students’ security and devices.

This year, we used WirelessTrakker technology for standardized testing on our student iPads, and we successfully administered over 165 students simultaneously without any issues.

I’ve recommended your product to multiple schools, and I know of at least three that are using it and are extremely happy with your product. Way to go K12USA!

– Rick Harris, Assistant Head of Innovation and Information Services, Saint Mark’s School, Altadena, CA

WirelessTrakker is a great system.

We wanted a centrally managed system that could travel from one end of the building to another without having to change the SSID. We already had SecureSchool, so I knew if I called with any issues, they’d be smoothed out quickly.

Since implementing WirelessTrakker, we’ve met our goal of making every building completely Wi-Fi enabled.

Among the features we love most: multiple SSIDs; easy-to-use, centralized administration; integration with SecureSchool; seamless access-point connections when moving around the building; and awesome technical support. It’s also economical and simple to set up.

When looking for a managed Wi-Fi solution for our schools, we checked out quite a few brands but went with WirelessTrakker. We’re really glad we did—not only because it’s a great system, but because we knew from dealing with K12USA that their support would be there if we hit any bumps in the road. True to form, whenever we call, we always get a reliable tech on the phone.

– John Pursglove, Network Administrator, Pennsauken Board of Education, NJ

We finally have a stable wireless network that is safe, reliable, and robust.

I’m amazed at how simple the setup of WirelessTrakker has been. We were pleasantly surprised that we didn’t need more than 16 access points to serve our single-building K–8 district, and the coverage has been outstanding.

The integration with active directory through our SecureSchool box makes management a breeze. The tech support is exceptional and easily accessible, as it’s located in the U.S. We finally have a stable wireless network that is safe, reliable, and robust.

– Jay Christgau Director of Technology, Minocqua J1 School District, WI

WirelessTrakker has completely blown me away.

I’ve been using and recommending K12USA services for more than 10 years now and not once—ever—have I been displeased with their products or customer support. Quite the opposite: I have never found any company that can even begin to compare.

Their most recent product—WirelessTrakker—has completely blown me away. As a nearly 30-year veteran of the IT workplace, I know how hard it is to set up a robust, enterprise class, Wireless Local Area Network. With all of the technical pitfalls, setting up a multi-access-point wireless LAN segment is difficult.

From the moment I unpacked the controller and access points, I knew this setup was going to be one of the easiest I’d ever done.

Once I had the controller installed in my LAN, a simple phone call was all it took to have everything activated. The technical team even helped configure my pre-existing switches to work seamlessly with the new system. The access points were a snap to set up and in next-to-no time, I had my entire b/g/n multi-access-point wireless LAN up and running across our entire campus. It doesn’t matter what our students or faculty are running—PC, Mac, iPad, Droid, iPhone, etc.—it all works flawlessly.

The beautiful thing about WirelessTrakker is not just how robust it is; not just how easy it is to set up; not just the unparalleled customer support that I receive; it’s that I was able to purchase this amazing system for hundreds of dollars less than any other solution I looked at! I wholeheartedly endorse the products and staff at K12usa.com. You folks make my job so much easier.

– Yossie Frankel, Director of Academic Technology, Shalhevet School, CA

TroubleTrakkerPRO and WorkTrakkerPRO

Cloud-based help-desk tools for managing IT and maintenance issues

TroubleTrakkerPRO has worked for us perfectly for [over 20] years.

– Dr. David Asbury, Dir. HR / Technology / Career-Tech, Gadsden City Schools, AL

Two big thumbs up!!!

We are very happy with your product.  We use TroubleTrakkerPRO and WorkTrakkerPRO.  We had used TroubleTrakkerPRO for several years and then switched to another product.  We re-purchased the license for this year.

My IT staff love it and our teachers were excited that we were using it again.  We added WorkTrakkerRPO, and that has been a big success as well.  Your products are easy to use, both from the user side and the management side.

Two big thumbs up!!!

– Samuel C. Foster, II Director of Instruction and Educational Technology Craig Public Schools

TroubleTrakkerPRO prevents things from falling through the cracks.

I’ve been very happy with TroubleTrakkerPRO. It makes my job as technology director very easy. I can see what needs to be done—and what has been done—with two clicks.

I can assign jobs to my techs and add notes to the assignment to help with the troubleshooting. I like that I receive email notifications when a ticket has been entered, when any work has been done on that ticket, and when the job has been completed.

We’ve been using this system for two-and-a-half years, and I can’t imagine going back to when we handled all the issues through email. TroubleTrakkerPRO prevents things from falling through the cracks and makes my job easier.

What more could you ask for from a ticketing system?

– Eddy Foley, Director of Technology, Tecumseh Public Schools, Tecumseh, MI

Can’t imagine functioning without TroubleTrakkerPRO and WorkTrakkerPRO.

We are so pleased with both of these applications. We were looking for a more efficient way to deal with and track a multitude of work orders and tech issues. Both TroubleTrakkerPRO and WorkTrakkerPRO have met our needs.

We used to rely on the “standard” paper forms for all requests—and forms were often received in an untimely fashion. Additional time was then needed for follow-up, status reports, and record keeping. Since implementing these two programs, all of these concerns have been resolved.

Although there was some initial hesitation and lack of cooperation by staff, over time everyone has found that these applications have greatly improved communication between staff and support staff. Work orders are now received, acted upon, and documented in a much-improved timeframe.

As an administrator I like the ability to monitor, prioritize, and track all work being done, while at the same time maintain a digital record of all work completed.

TroubleTrakkerPro and WorkTrakkerPro have benefited everyone. I would highly recommend both applications. They are very effective and so user-friendly. Cannot imagine trying to function without them.

– Meg Weitzel, Assistant Business Manager, St. Michael School, IL

The words TroubleTrakker and WorkTrakker are known by all within our School District.

I have been using TroubleTrakker since it’s inception.(16-17 years? I don’t remember)  Many of the features were changes that I had asked for from the beginning.  I also mentioned to the development team that it should be modified to support Facilities Maintenance. Thanks for creating WorkTrakker. The words TroubleTrakker and WorkTrakker are known by all within our School District.  Thanks for continuing to provide and support these and many other fine products

– David W. Schade Director of Technology Painesville City Local School District

With TroubleTrakkerPRO, work no longer gets lost.

We were looking for a way to manage all the technology requests so nothing would get lost in translation and the staff would know the status of their requests—basically do away with all the little pieces of paper with “error message” and “computer problems” written down.

Mission accomplished!

We’ve been able to keep accurate records of work done by technicians and use the reports to help in various ways (like for staffing requests). This web-based program is extremely easy to use. Work no longer gets lost due to poor communication, technicians are no longer duplicating work, and everything gets addressed.

– Thomas Tucci, Director of Technology and Special Projects, West Deptford BOE, NJ

We love how easy they are to use.

It’s a simple way to report incidents and problems with computers and anything IT-related. Because TroubleTrakkerPRO worked so well for the staff, we decided to add WorkTrakkerPRO. We love how easy they are to use.

– Kurt Stanwick, Network Administrator, Lenape Valley Regional High School, Stanhope, NJ

No more forgotten appointments.

Prior to TroubleTrakkerPRO, I had to juggle requests via emails, voicemails, notes on my office door, you name it. Now my entire district knows that the fastest and easiest way to get my department’s help is with TroubleTrakkerPRO.

The guided problem-reporting feature makes it easy for users to describe issues they otherwise could not have easily articulated. There are no more forgotten appointments or having to choose whom to help first—TroubleTrakkerPRO makes it a first-come, first-served help desk that’s fair to everyone who uses it.

I recommend TroubleTrakkerPRO for its ease of use, valuable features, reliability, and reasonable cost.

– Joel Brown, Technology Coordinator, Berlin Township Schools, West Berlin, NJ

We’ve used TroubleTrakkerPRO for years.

It lets our tech staff keep up with which issues are resolved and which are still pending. It also helps by keeping a history of the work done and issues addressed.

– Technology Coordinator, TX

You and your people are great to work with.

Thank you for all your assistance with TroubleTrakker and WorkTrakker. I personally love both!

– Paula J. Sajec, Aberdeen School District No. 5, WA

We are very happy with WorkTrakker and TroubleTrakker.

Your support (in helping us tweak our setup) has been outstanding! Too many companies fail with support and communication, but K12USA does not.

– Mike Henderson, Hawkins ISD, TX

I don’t know how we survived without TroubleTrakker.

Our tech staff is very pleased with TroubleTrakker. The dollars saved by minimizing time on tasks are immeasurable. I was initially hesitant to give up my Outlook Task Manager method for managing our problems in lieu of an Internet-based system. But now I can truthfully say I don’t know how we survived without it.

The ease of reporting for teachers and assigning tasks to techs has allowed me the time I need to do the other tasks my job requires. The ability to customize the online trouble choices and suggest simple solutions to teachers, even before they report a problem, has made for rapid response and quickly solved problems for our network users.

Internet access eliminates redundant travel between buildings and allows techs a very clear understanding of user problems, as well as the ability to immediately report the problem as solved. Network users find it very reassuring that TroubleTrakker keeps them apprised of the status of their problem.

Anyone managing a network and technical staff will find TroubleTrakker to be their “right-hand man” (or woman).

– Ronald Deal, Mount Holly School District, NJ

TroubleTrakker has made my department much more efficient.

We have over 1,200 desktop computers and two techs to work on them. With TroubleTrakker, we’re can manage service requests in an efficient manner. When I started, we had over 250 outstanding paper service requests on paper. They were hard to manage because of the time required to sort through everything.

When we implemented TroubleTrakker, the number went down, and now we have fewer than fifteen at any given time because we can manage them more effectively

TroubleTrakker also allows me to identify problem areas, trends, product faults, etc. We’ve modified many of the things we purchase based on the reports we can generate. End users see the benefit by getting status updates on their request. I don’t know what I’d do without this service.

– Rich Brouillard, Director of Information/Technology, Beaver Dam Unified School District

TroubleTrakker is the best thing to happen to us techies!

Your service is awesome. I have introduced several of my fellow school district technology departments to your system. And I love it, too. TroubleTrakker is the best thing to happen to us techies! I always recommend your services.

– Jeremy Peeler, Director of Technology, Jefferson ISD, TX

I am your biggest TroubleTrakker fan.

I advertise for you at our regional service center to all the other school districts. Your product is awesome. I’ve been at conferences where big 5A schools give presentations on what their staff created for reporting trouble tickets—and I wonder why they’re wasting their time when there is already something out there was so many more features. I’m a loyal fan. Thanks for providing this service for schools!

– Ann Smith, Technology Director, Linden-Kildare CISD, TX

TroubleTrakker is a real timesaver.

I’m the technology coordinator for a K–8 school with more than 130 computers and two networks. TroubleTrakker is a real timesaver. I’ve customized it so that our teachers can be specific about their problems.

That saves them time, and it certainly helps me address their tech problems quickly. It also lets me identify systems that have recurring problems—it’s a great record-keeping tool.

– Paceda Petrone, Technology Coordinator, Holy Rosary Academy, TN

Helps us provide a more efficient learning environment for our students.

TroubleTrakker has helped us get a handle on tech problems. Because we’re better able to manage and document repairs, we can provide a more efficient learning environment for our students.

– Randy Allen, Director of Technology, Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools

TroubleTrakker is perceptively matched to our needs.

The interface is simple for our technicians and staff to use. Without this, the program would not have been a success. Keeping track of work in the district is easy. Since using TroubleTrakker, the amount of time calls are left open has been reduced.

– Robert Petrilak, MIS Director, Mount Sinai School District, NY

TroubleTrakker is highly configurable and easy to use.

TroubleTrakker enabled our original two technicians to funnel all requests into an organized database, then prioritize requests. By generating reports, we were able to show that the backlog was growing at a faster rate than our ability to address the problems. Therefore, we had the basis for a very reasonable and well-received request to add technicians.

TroubleTrakker has resulted in more realistic expectations from the users in our district as far as response time—plus, it’s highly configurable and easy to use.

– Ken Smith, Indian River School District, DE

A great service for our district.

TroubleTrakker has simplified making requests, scheduling them, and following up on each one. It’s been a great service for our district.

– Stan Bushouse, Ed.D., Consultant for Instruction and Technology, Coldwater, MI

TroubleTrakker is right up there with power, water, and air-conditioning.

TroubleTrakker is the only application or service I know of that is universally popular, easy-to-use, problem-free, and of significant value and use to virtually everyone on our network.

It takes us about five minutes to turn a new school secretary cold off the street into a TroubleTrakker expert. There are discernible “ooohs” and “aahhs” as new users discover how simple it is to use such a powerful system.

Everyone involved in the process—from end-user to IT Director—gets hooked from the start. Our users appreciate the automatic email updates, technicians love its organizational tools, and network managers cherish the reporting features.

As an essential service, TroubleTrakker is right up there with power, water, and air-conditioning. Our IT department would be lost without it.

– Tony P. Thompson, Technology Coordinator, Spartanburg County School District No. 7, SC

We’ve used TroubleTrakker with great success.

At the beginning of each school year, new teachers are trained in how to use the product—which usually takes just a few minutes. TroubleTrakker keeps clients updated on every step of their projects’ status via email.

I like TroubleTrakker because it documents problems and then stores the data for future reference. Also, it provides documentation to district administrators that technicians are actually going out and solving problems in a prompt manner.

I would recommend this product as an excellent way to sort through a myriad of tech-support problems.

– Bill Spencer, Nocona ISD Technology Director

TroubleTrakker has been a great asset.

Before using TroubleTrakker, teachers would put notes in my mailbox about their technical issues. The notes were hard to organize and were frequently lost. With TroubleTrakker, all my work orders are easily sorted and prioritized. I can also document to the teacher and administration what was done and when it was completed.

– Kathy Auten, Technology Director, Benton C.C.S.D. #47, IL

Great product!

We’ve used TroubleTrakker successfully for each of our 10 schools across Allegheny County. It’s very simple to use and yet flexible enough to provide detailed reports and ticket routing. Great product!

– John Ansell, MCSE 2003, Security+, M.Ed., PA-ITSC Technology Coordinator, Allegheny Intermediate Unit, PA

TroubleTrakker gives every user a direct line to the technician.

I am extremely pleased with TroubleTrakker. We use the program to record and assign every request received for technology assistance. We have more than 900 users in 18 locations with three technicians.

TroubleTrakker gives every user a direct line to the technician, and clients always know the status of their request via automated email messages—from the time the request is received until the problem is resolved.

Everyone in the district is familiar with TroubleTrakker, and we’ve never had a complaint about the system. It has helped us so much in the technology department that the district decided to purchase WorkTrakkerPRO for the maintenance department.

Thank you for providing such a wonderful service to our school district!

– Michael Breidenstein, Rock Island/Milan School District #41, IL

On a satisfaction scale of 1 to 10, we give TroubleTrakkerPRO an 11+.

We’ve been using TroubleTrakkerPRO to track our tech problems, and we’ve rarely—if ever—had to question whether or not the software was working. In other words, we just take it as a given that when someone logs into TroubleTrakkerPRO, it just works.

This is incredibly important for our end users and the IT staff. If a user has to enter a ticket, they’re already frustrated with a technical issue. If your software didn’t work as well as it does, their frustration would only be compounded.

On a satisfaction scale of 1 to 10, we’d rate our experience with TroubleTrakkerPRO an 11+.

– Andrew D. Lane, A+; CWNA; CWSP Director of Technology, Clay County USD #379, KS

None of our users would want to go back to the “old way.”

We’ve been extremely pleased with TroubleTrakker and WorkTrakker. Before subscribing to these web-based applications, we were using paper forms for all of our work orders and requests.

These forms were getting lost and delayed in the routing process; lacked follow up; didn’t provide real information on how many or how long work orders took; and failed to identify what types of work orders were generated.

All of these issues have been resolved since implementing TroubleTrakker and WorkTrakker. I like that they’re cloud-based so that our teachers and administrators can easily access them.

When we first implemented the process and told everyone that all work orders had to be done via TroubleTrakker or WorkTrakker, we heard from staff that they did not want to change.

I can now say that none of our users would want to go back to the “old way.” They like the ability to monitor their project’s progress and get notified when the work order is completed. My technicians like the applications because it helps them set daily priorities.

As a manager, I have a better handle on the requested work orders. I can also generate reports and provide specific data that help us as we implement the Baldrige quality program at Tri-Creek School Corporation. I like the new enhancements that you’re implementing with Pro for both TroubleTrakker and WorkTrakker. Keep up the good work.

– Robert Hopper, Director of Technology, Tri-Creek School Corporation, IN

TroubleTrakker has changed my life!

After 10 years of hastily scribbled messages on random bits of paper and garbled voice mail, I’m finally able to control my computer problems. Every day I can see what my techs get done!

– Gail Hicks, West Deptford School District

TroubleTrakker saved the district.

We have a big district with 1,500 computers, six LANs plus fiber, a tech coordinator, and staff of four. TroubleTrakker provides automatic notifications, keeps records current, tracks the age of reports, shows average response time, shares reports with administrators, and much more.

– Steven Lutz PhD, Anchor Bay School District, MI

Every school should take advantage of this great service.

I can’t say enough about how TroubleTrakker has made my life easier. I’m now able to keep accurate records of all problems and customize the report form for our district. Every school should take advantage of this great service. I will tell everyone in our area about it. Thanks again!

– Ken Cisneros, Technology Coordinator, Cohasset Public Schools, MA

Every trouble report is documented automatically.

I tell people that the only way I guarantee to remember what they want is if they file a TroubleTrakkerPRO report. Now every trouble report is documented automatically.

– Joe Witham, Palmer Independent School District TX

We love it.

We are using TroubleTrakker everyday and just love it. Thanks.

– Larry Koby, New Castle Community Schools, IN

You can’t beat the price.

We use TroubleTrakkerPRO to track work orders and computer issues. It keeps all our tech requests organized in one place and serves as our glorified to-do list. Entering the ticket is easy, and you can’t beat the price.

– Director of Technology, NY

WebMailPRO and SchoolBits

Email programs for teachers and students

We love WebMailPRO.

Before we became your customer, we ran a Novell GroupWise email server. It was a nightmare to set up and maintain. We love WebMailPRO—it’s incredibly easy to use and manage. Before using TroubleTrakker, we just had a manual system of writing down work orders. Now that it’s all web based, the IT department is able to provide much better service to our customers (teachers, administrators and students).

– Bruce LaValle-Davidson, School Administrative District #48, NH

Our teachers are pleased.

Thank you for your support during the transition to WebMailPRO. Our teachers are well pleased with the email program—a number of them have stopped forwarding their email elsewhere because they prefer to use the WebMailPRO product. The minor issues we had were handled quickly and professionally.

– Barry Zakes, System Specialist, Ridgeland School District 122, Oak Lawn, IL

Great service and new features.

I can’t say enough good things about the WebMailPRO and SchoolsBits email systems. We’ve upgraded from the basic service to WebMailPRO because of the great service and new features that have been added. Just today I requested an import of some 1,500 students into the SchoolBits program, and it was complete in a matter of 30 minutes. Keep up the great service!

– Robert DiAmbrosio, District Information Systems Coordinator, Hackensack School District, NJ

Thieves didn’t get our WebMailPRO email!

We had a major server/workstation theft from our district last week and lost nearly every document and file in our system. The “thieves” broke into a room with a steel door and doorframe—in a brick and concrete building—to get the equipment. Any building can be broken into regardless of physical security—but at least they didn’t get our WebMailPRO email (I gotta look on the bright side)! Now the district wants to use AssetTrakker, since we lost our spreadsheets with all our model and serial-number information for the devices that were stolen.

– Randall Nielsen, Network Administrator, Toldeo Public Schools Toledo, WA

Moving to WebMailPRO from Exchange server has saved us time and money.

As a bonus, our teachers love the ability to simply create detailed web pages!

– Victor M. Gosnell, M.Ed., Director of Technology and Media, Bedford County Public Schools Bedford, VA

I appreciate all the folks at WebMailPRO.

They always strive to make a better product for their users and make our online experience more enjoyable.

– Jane Johnson, Jefferson City School District, MO

SchoolBits has been working great.

Our monitoring software catches porn spam in emails. When our students were using Hotmail and Yahoo mail, I would have at least several dozen hits a day. SchoolBits has completely eliminated the problem. The ability to monitor questionable emails is a great feature. It didn’t take long for students to figure out what was appropriate—and inappropriate—to put in an email.

– Glenn Schaffner, Platte County School District #1, WY

Students can share their lives and culture.

SchoolBits has given our middle-school students the opportunity to share their lives and culture with other students around the world.

– Barb Leonard, Teacher, Alma Public School District, MI

Quality email service.

It looks like you guys really work hard to provide a quality email service. I appreciate the continuing upgrades you make, because it helps my people a great deal.

– Jim O’Hern, Technology Director, Scotland County Schools Laurinburg, NC


Spam Blocker

A 24-hour-a-day workhorse.

We’re very pleased with SpamTrakker. From its initial installation until now, the system has all but eliminated bothersome spam and unwanted email from our network. The dollars saved by minimizing time wasted sorting through numerous emails are immeasurable.

I was initially hesitant to give up my existing method of managing mail filtering and spam, but after several months of using SpamTrakker, I can honestly say it’s doing an outstanding job.

The ease of use has freed up much-needed time for our tech staff, so they can focus on other tasks. Network users usually aren’t aware that the system is rescuing them from thousands of unwanted and unnecessary advertisements—and SpamTrakker ensures that teachers and staff devote time to district work, not to wasting time deleting unsavory emails.

Anyone managing a large group of email users will find SpamTrakker to be a 24-hour-a-day workhorse for their network.

– Ron Deal, Technology Coordinator/Consultant, Burlington County Special Services, Mount Holly, NJ


No (as in zero) junk mail today! Good job! Thanks!

– Kevin Kantz, Teacher, Northwestern School District, PA

Tech Support / Customer Service

The crux of our business model

Sean and his team have major networking chops.

I’m super-pro K12USA from a technical perspective. Their SecureSchool is a fantastic product with unparalleled customer support.

They not only respond rapidly to any question I’ve had, but they’ve helped me fix many network problems unrelated to their device. Sean and his team have major networking chops. Time and time again, they’ve saved my staff and students from lost productivity.

Some of the big problems: discovered the reason our newly installed VOIP phones were working poorly; why DNS lookups were failing on certain VLAN segments (which could have caused testing schedules to be messed up for the year); how to get our wireless access points properly reconfigured now that we have 500 iPads—with teachers chomping at the bit; and many more. I’m hoping to add their WirelessTrakker system, so I can expand the parts of my network they can help me with.

At a time when customer support seems to be increasingly neglected, K12USA rocks it. Oh and their price is fantastic as well. It’s a slam-dunk.

– Jeff Walker, Tech Guy, Saint Mark’s Lutheran School, Hacienda Heights, CA

I like the fact that I can pick up the phone and immediately speak with a live person…

K12USA’s best asset has always been customer service. Yes, your products work very well, but there’s a bunch of products out there that will do the job. I like the fact that I can pick up the phone and immediately speak with a live person in the U.S., often one of the people that wrote the code for the product I’m calling about. This is the primary reason I’ve stayed with your company.

– Evan Reese Technology Coordinator Lake County School District 7

Speedy resolution.

You guys have always been a pleasure to deal with, and your response times are fantastic. Thanks again for your speedy resolution to our problems!

– Stephen Wells, Network Administrator, Gloucester Township Public Schools

A++ customer service.

Usually when I call a company’s tech-support department, I have a lot of questions—but I rarely get a lot of answers. Not with K12USA—In the customer-service category, I give you an A++!

– Susanne Lehman, Northwestern School District, PA

Cheerful attitude.

I want to thank the staff of K12USA for being there whenever I call—always with a cheerful attitude. You attack any problem I have as though it is the only one you have.

– Tom Sanderson, Freehold Township School District, NJ


Sean, I want to just let you know how much I appreciate the level of support I always get when contacting you and your organization.

– John Fiederer, Wharton Borough School District

You go the extra mile.

Technical support has been superb, especially your willingness to go the extra mile to identify a problem or craft a solution.

– Mary Lou Zuege, Director of Media and Technology, School District of Menomonee Falls School District, WI

Quick response and very helpful.

You’re the best about quick responses and are very helpful. If only other tech-support places were as good as you guys.

– Daniel Moses, Pinewood Preparatory School, SC

I have nothing but praise for your tech department!

I really appreciate the tech support provided by K12USA. Every question and suggestion I have ever made has been promptly addressed.

– Ginger Bryant, Scotland County Schools, NC

The phone is always answered.

The tech-support group at K12USA has been very responsive to our needs. The phone is always answered—I have never had a call back. The group has solved many firewall issues for me and even conducted an impromptu 30-minute training session during a support call.

The SecureSchool appliance itself is easy to use and provides a great deal of built-in tools. The filtering has been great.

– Frank Summers, Evesham Township School District, NJ

Your tech staff deserves some special recognition.

Your customer service is excellent—by far, the best I’ve dealt with in years. While I’m a teacher now, I owned a software development company for 20+ years, and we dealt with many, many other companies’ support teams. Your support is better than any I’ve come across.

I’ve had to call you a couple times this year about some pretty urgent matters, and your folks got with us immediately and were very knowledgeable. Our problems were corrected very, very quickly. Your support team was also very professional, courteous, and understanding. I hope you look up my calls and commend the individuals I worked with, as they deserve special recognition.

Thank you for your great support.

– Ed Schorn, Computer Instruction, Imagine Schools at South Vero, FL

Direct, hands-on care and very personal service.

We’ve been very happy customers of K12USA and SecureSchool for many years. One of the things we appreciate most is the direct, hands-on care we get from the tech-support team and the very personal service we’ve received from everyone we’ve ever dealt with.

We’ve grown from a small user base looking to protect and serve our students and teachers on the Internet to a 1:1 laptop school with almost 1,000 laptops connecting daily. K12USA has been there to help us all along the way.

– Shawna Martin, Director of Technology, Moreau Catholic High School, CA

My experience with technical support has been outstanding.

They’ve helped me with a variety of issues, from troubleshooting a major problem and being able to pinpoint it to my ISP to small everyday filtering and port issues.

– Colleen Cary, LEAP Academy Charter School, NJ

I always feel like my call is important.

I’m always impressed when I call your tech team. I can’t remember the last time the phone rang more than twice, and there’s usually a familiar voice on the other end. Everyone I speak to is friendly, knowledgeable, and more than willing to help until the problem is resolved.

I always feel like my call is important and never feel like I’m being rushed through so they can get to the next person. The team takes the time to make sure I understand what’s wrong and what needs to be done.

Email support is equally outstanding—my messages are always answered quickly by a familiar team member until the issue is resolved.

– Susanne Lehman, Northwestern School District, PA

They listen to suggestions.

K12USA support is great. They’re extremely responsive, professional and knowledgeable.

We’ve used the SecureSchool filtering appliance for many years and now have it installed at 18 of our K–12 campuses and couldn’t be happier. They listen to suggestions and have implemented many of them in their software updates.

I would highly recommend the SecureSchool filter to all K-12 schools to meet CIPA regulations.

– Art Wellman, Systems Administrator, Southwestern Region, Imagine Schools

Simply amazing.

It’s simply amazing how quickly the technical team resolves issues. K12USA has provided the best support experience.

– Greg Taylor, Shared Services Technology Coordinator, Delsea Regional High School District, NJ

Professional and personable.

Everyone on your tech-support team has been very professional and personable. I’ve always received excellent customer service, and the issues are always taken care of in a timely manner.

– Catherine Alston, High Road Schools

Never have I had a company go so far out of its way.

The firewall device does what it’s intended to do, so no complaint.

What amazes me is your tech support. It is by far the best tech support I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They not only help us with our firewall, but with any kind of network issue we may have at the moment.

Never have I had a company go so far out of its way just to keep clients happy. Keep up the great work!

– Bobby Johnson, IT Professional / Web Developer, Crawford County R1 School District, MO

You know the appliances like the back of your hand.

From day one, service at K12USA has been outstanding. You answer the phones every time, and there is never a wait.

What I like most is that you guys know the appliances like the back of your hands. There has never been an issue that you didn’t know the answer to—I can’t think of a single way your service could be better. Keep up the great work.

– Adrian Pellew, High Road Schools

I wish all companies had tech support on your level.

Thanks to all of you for being so accessible by phone and for quickly handling our concerns when we call or email. I wish all companies had tech support on your level.

– Bruce Dyer, Audubon Public Schools, NJ

You are all so professional.

I just want you all to know how much I like our new web filter/firewall. I also want to tell you how much I appreciate all of your help and patience. You are all so professional, responsive and, again, patient.

– Kim Gresham, Technology Coordinator, Elbert School District 200, CO

Absolutely the best tech support ever.

I’ve called several times in the last few months, and I’ve always been astounded that I speak immediately with an engineer who knows exactly what to do to resolve my issue— and then takes the time to suggest other changes and makes sure my overall setup looks good. Absolutely the best tech support ever.

– Dale Van Voorst, Van Voorst Consulting LLC, MI

One of the best features of your company is your personnel.

SecureSchool works very well—almost too well. Email has proven to be very reliable. But one of the best features of your company is your personnel. You’re all very courteous and respond to any questions we have. Customer support is one of the best services you can provide, and you have succeeded in that area.

– Kurt Stanwick, Network Administrator, Lenape Valley Regional High School Stanhope, NJ

A model for customer relations.

I’ve gotten used to having great support from you guys. Many tech companies can use your company as a customer-relations model.

– Rob A. Benefield, Network Administrator, Jefferson City Public Schools, MO

Happy customers!

Your patient willingness to listen and your follow-through sure make for happy customers!

– Donna Schaer, Principal, General Studies, YBH of Passaic, NJ

High-caliber personnel.

I am extremely pleased with your tech-support group. I handle the IT for Sierra Schools in CA, and whenever I call, they are friendly, patient, and very knowledgeable. It’s a pleasure to work with such high-caliber personnel.

– Dennis D. Dykstra, MA, Administrative Support, Kids1

Spectacular customer support.

Thank you for the quick and fantastic support you provided to us a few minutes ago. The network engineer who’s working on this case spent a lot of time on this before I called you, and you had it resolved in just a few minutes. As always, I am impressed with your tremendous knowledge and spectacular customer support.

– Susanne Lehman, Northwestern School District, PA

Unparalleled customer service.

As a long-time client of K12USA, I can say that the reason I unequivocally recommend your products is because of the unparalleled customer service you provide. No one else in the market places does it like you folks do.

– Yossie Frankel, Director of Academic Technology, Shalhevet School, CA


Thank you so much for all the information. Your customer service is outstanding.

– Michael Sorek, Regional Technical Support, Imagine Schools Lakewood Ranch

General Praise for K12USA

I love that they even anticipate our needs

I sing the praises of K12USA all the time. We use SecureSchool and MessageGuard, and whenever I have a problem—which is rarely—they address it immediately. Someone always picks up the phone and helps me.

Colleagues in other districts who’ve gone with big companies and better-known brands have issues I simply never have—and we pay far less than they do. No one can touch K12USA’s prices.

I love that they even anticipate our needs—for example, they’ll notice that we’re low on disk space and send another appliance without my even asking (and without charging a cent). Plus, they’re ahead of the curve with their solutions, like when the iPad revolution started a few years ago—they were they first to fix our proxy problem.

I’m very happy with K12USA.

– Frank Summers, Education Technology Coordinator, Evesham Township Schools, NJ

We have used K12USA for more than 15 years and would not consider another…

We have used K12USA for more than 15 years and would not consider another vendor for firewall, filtering, caching, and email backup. The tech support is easily the best for any tech vendor we use. I like the amount of local control we have aver filtering. Best of all, the cost is very reasonable.

– Jay Christgau Director of Technology Minocqua J1 School District , NJ

Your customer service has ALWAYS been very helpful when I have called and been able to resolve my issues. Love working with them!!

You folks are still the best of the best…

You may have made changes over the years that I have worked with you guys… but my comments are just as valid/accurate today as they were when I made them then.  You folks are still the best of the best… the bee’s knees.. the cat’s meow!!  🙂

– Yossie Frankel Tech Specialist – CUE

I recommend K12USA to everyone!

Every time I go a conference or training, I can’t help but tell people how happy we are with K12USA. We haven’t had a virus in our network since leaving Exchange server and switching to WebMailPRO. We love WorkTrakkerPRO and TroubleTrakkerPRO, as well as WebMailPRO.

– Stuart A. Hensley, District Technology Coordinator, Joseph City School District, AZ

Your products and services have exceeded my expectations.

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for your products! With so many things that require daily attention, it’s a relief to have critical components of my enterprise—like our firewall and email—be reliable and easy to manage.

The interfaces are easy to understand and very simple to use, and best of all, the products just plain work! Your ISBossBox Internet filter makes balancing the competing needs of security and connectivity a breeze.

SpamTrakker immediately eliminated the time-consuming chore of sifting through unwanted spam for me, my staff—and most importantly—my boss.

We have special configuration needs, and your staff has turned each of my requests into reality quickly and with the utmost professionalism. I really like having the staff available through AOL Instant Messenger to answer my questions and concerns instantly!

I highly recommend ISBoss’s products and services—they’ve exceeded my expectations.

– Bob Martine, Director of Information Technology, National Protection Service, NJ

Always coming up with new stuff.

One thing we’ve always liked about you guys is that you’re always coming up with new stuff.

– Allen Arsenault, Sandia Preparatory School, Albuquerque, NM

When you call, they answer.

I have found K12USA’s service to be unique—and that’s because they really do provide great service. When you call, they answer. The person who answers is knowledgeable and takes care of you right away. I have nothing but good things to say about K12USA and recommend them highly.

– Ted Eiferman, Paulsboro Public Schools Paulsboro, NJ

You guys ROCK!

You’re all right there for me every time I call.

– Henry Joseph, Technician Technology Services, The Culver Academies, IN

A great service for school districts.

Please pass on to everyone at K12USA our overall thanks for their hard work. This is a great service for school districts.

– Sheryl Wise, Franklin Local Schools, OH

I took your phone number off speed dial

After the installation and a couple months of calling tech support with questions, I took your phone number off speed dial, because I never needed to call to fix anything. That’s a very good thing.

– Michael Butkus, Technology Coordinator, Robert Morris School South Bound Brook, NJ

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