K12USA Privacy Policy—in Plain English

Have you ever tried to read the privacy policy of other web service providers on the Internet?

Usually they’re a mile long and filled with language only a lawyer could love. And hidden in there might be the secret clause that gives the service provider carte blanche to do whatever it wants with your data.

Well, here at K12USA, we’re extremely sensitive to privacy issues and never abuse the information provided to us. We also prefer to keep things simple—so here’s our gobbledygook-free privacy policy:

  • When you set up your K12USA subscription, we request the names and email addresses of staff that will be using the services. This information is never shared with outside advertisers, third parties, or anyone—ever. We use it only to communicate occasional K12USA announcements to service users.
  • We collect basic contact information (name, title, school, email, and phone number) when you request product info, a free demo, or a free trial via our Google AdWords pages. We never rent, share, or sell your data to third parties.
  • Our web servers gather anonymous statistical information, such as browser types and operating systems, so we can get a general idea of what kind of software is used to access our services. By analyzing this data, we’re able to improve our services by keeping pace with what our customers are using. And that’s all we do with it.
  • You’ll notice our website is free of advertising. That’s because we charge a fair price for a great service that requires no subsidy from advertisers. Therefore, no third-party cookies from outside advertisers will be tracking your movements while you use our services. If it makes you feel better, go ahead and enable your ad blockers and tracking blockers (but we promise, there’s nothing to block!).
  • This policy’s effective date is January 1, 1999.
  • The current version of this policy, and any updates, will always be available at this page.
  • If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us.
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K12USA Privacy Policy
We take our customers' privacy seriously. The K12USA Privacy Policy is short, simple, and to the point, without all the nonsensical legalese commonly found in such documents. No hidden “gotchas.”