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Timeless Reading for K–12 School IT Admins

When he served as monthly columnist for Inside Education, a magazine for K–12 administrators, our CEO, James Punderson, wrote about some admittedly dry topics with his usual humor and wit. Below, a sampling of these oldies but (still) goodies for your enjoyment.

What to do When the Wiring Crew Goes Home
Now that your school district is wired, how do you keep traffic flowing? Many districts are turning to application service providers to avoid some of the complexities and expenses of maintaining networks.

Chasing After Fixed Assets That Aren’t Fixed
Take inventory of your school district’s assets and implement a comprehensive tracking system—and you’ll be rewarded with better planning, more effective budgeting, and greater efficiency.

Yes, Virginia, There is an E-Rate Scandal
Whether misinformed, living under a rock, or just plain lazy, some schools don’t participate in the E-rate program, even though they’re eligible. Here’s why—and what they can do about it.

AAA-AA Technology Strategy
Before you hand over that purchase order, be sure to ask yourself one key question: “Why?” If you don’t know why you’re buying, you need to rethink your tech strategy.

There’s Bears in Them Thar Woods
Network-security problems are getting worse—and they’re getting worse faster and faster. The woods are full of bears now. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Tiptoeing Through the E-Rate Minefield
The government gives away billions in E-rate funding. But to get your piece of the pie, you’ve got to meet deadlines, fill forms out perfectly, and stay current on the rules (which change frequently). Follow these tips, and you’ll survive E-rate season without developing high blood pressure.

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