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Your secure, cloud-based email archiving solution

If you’re not archiving emails, you should be. Federal court rules require that schools surrender their electronic data as part of the “discovery of information” process when involved in litigation.

Schools must also comply with their states’ laws for email archiving.

Imagine being court-ordered to round up thousands of emails within a short period of time. Now imagine having to rifle through individual workstations to find the emails you need. Or sift through unreliable, hard-to-search backups.

Think of the time, the money, and the migraines involved!

MessageGuard spares you all that aggravation and expense. Our email archiving solution for K–12 schools stores all your messages in one location, so you can efficiently retrieve what you need.

Our cloud-based version (there’s an appliance-based variation for email programs like Google Apps for Education) is super easy to use.

It integrates with WebMailPRO staff email and/or SchoolBits student email and requires no installation on your servers or workstations. All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection.

Our powerful email archiving software features:

  • Archiving of all incoming and outgoing email
  • Comprehensive search and retrieval options
  • Mail-export options
  • Intuitive web-based controls
  • Unlimited account storage
  • Free service upgrades
  • Free, unlimited tech support
  • Free automatic data backup and updates

Try MessageGuard free for 30 days! Just fill out this quickie form, and we’ll set you up in a jiffy.

If you decide to subscribe, you’ll find our rates nearly unbeatable (check them out here).

Plus, you’ll probably never experience a better, more responsive tech-support team.

Questions? Reach out now or give us a call at 877-225-0100.