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Here’s everything you’ve always wanted to know about K12USA.

Who are you?

K12USA is a division of Networks & More!, a privately held educational-technology consulting company founded by James Punderson that’s been working with school districts and libraries since 1991.

We unveiled K12USA’s web-based services in 1999, and now our products are in schools throughout the country. We work exclusively with K–12 schools—not with businesses, homeowners, colleges, or universities—just K–12 schools

By not spreading ourselves thin, we’re incredibly focused on—and responsive to—your needs. Having worked in schools ourselves, we know your pain points, and we offer some of the best solutions in the industry, along with mind-blowing tech support.

What areas do you serve?

Because our products are cloud-based, we serve public, private, and parochial K–12 schools all over the United States. One of our special perks is that customers in the continental U.S. get free ground shipping* both ways with their subscriptions to our appliance-based services—SecureSchool, WirelessTrakkerMessageGuard, and SpamTrakker.

*Alaska and Hawaii get reduced shipping rates. Clients requesting expedited shipping will be billed accordingly.

What makes you different? Why should I go with you and not a big-name brand?

To quote our customers, we’re “the best bang for the buck.” Our mission is simply this: to provide the technology you need at a price you can afford with the assurance that it works.

We’ve found that many of the major-player brands:

  • Specialize in “overkill” — their products come with fancy bells and whistles that, in the end, are unnecessary, a pain to manage, and budget killers
  • Rarely follow through on their promise of “great tech support” — our customers remember frustratingly long waits and lack of problem resolution. At K12USA, we respect our customers’ time and handle issues quickly and effectively
  • Charge through the nose for things like licensing fees, maintenance plans, and product upgrades and replacements — we don’t charge for any of these
  • Spread themselves across a wide range of industries — we laser-focus on K–12 schools, so we know our market inside and out

Having worked in K–12 schools (as staff, technology consultants, and school-board members), we witnessed first-hand the frustrations of IT departments. We founded K12USA in direct response to their biggest gripes (steep prices, poor customer service, lack of knowledge) and pledged to be different.

You don’t advertise much. Why do you fly under the radar?

We’re committed to keeping our fees reasonable and would rather not spend big bucks on marketing and promotion if it means raising our prices—which we haven’t done in ten years—or nickel-and-diming our customers for stuff like upgrades and maintenance plans (which can cost thousands).

Instead, we devote our resources to research, development, and a strong tech-support team. We also rely heavily on referrals from our customers, who are prone to sing our praises (Check out our Referral Rewards Program! )

For a small company that flies “under the radar,” we’ve compiled a pretty impressive roster of clients who know why we’re better. We hope you’ll join them!

Do you have an office? Where?

Of course! But not just any office—we’re headquartered in the beautiful historic district of Island Heights, a charming riverside town at the Jersey shore. From our deck, we can watch sailboats, kayaks, and wildlife float by, or we might walk a few blocks to the little corner deli for homemade muffins.

Otherwise, we have the same stuff as every other office: desks, phones, computers, a lifetime supply of coffee, and cases of walnuts. Oh, and we get free catered lunch every day—just like the folks at Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

Are you reliable? I’ve had bad experiences with small, fly-by-night companies.

Compared to the Ciscos and Barracudas of the world, we may be small. But we’ve been developing dependable products and services since 1999, and we offer big benefits you won’t get from the industry giants: reasonable fees, practically on-demand (and free) tech support, and lots of flexibility.

We’ve been known to tinker with products to accommodate our customers’ needs—in fact, many of our product upgrades are the result of customer input. We listen and respond. Think you’ll get that from Dell?

We have a loyal staff, and many team members have been with us for years. We do things right: Every employee gets excellent benefits, like health insurance, 401K, and paid vacation time. Then there’s free catered lunch every day and a beautiful workspace.

Want to work here, too? Let us know.

Can I try your products before I decide to subscribe?

Absolutely. You can sign up for a free, no-obligation trial for any product or service by clicking here. Once we receive your request, we’ll set you up in a jiffy.

I’m applying for E-rate approval for your services. Do you have a SPIN?

Yes, our SPIN is 143004355. If you’d like a price quote for your application, email us or call 877-225-0100.

Have questions about our WebWare?

We’ve got all the answers in this FAQ article on our Knowledge Base.

Isn’t it time you made the switch to K12USA?

Email us now to get started or call 877-225-0100.

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