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WirelessTrakker Spare Appliance

When a power outage or other calamity messes with your wireless network support, our quick fix saves the day.

Someday, at a terribly inconvenient time, a power event will come along and wreak havoc on your equipment—damaging devices and maybe destroying data.

Even worse, your gear could be stolen or vandalized. If your WirelessTrakker universal wireless support is among them, well, just turn lemons into lemonade.


With a WirelessTrakker spare appliance: It’s the best service contract in existence.

Keep one on hand, and when your original device fails, plug in the spare and you’re back in business. No waiting for a technician to show up, no hefty repair fees, and minimal downtime. It’s a seriously minor investment for major peace of mind.

We preconfigure your spare before shipping it, plus we back up your WirelessTrakker every night—so all your settings and customizations are current. Should you need the spare, your data will be intact, and you’ll pick up where you left off.

But the good news doesn’t end there. Send the damaged WirelessTrakker back to us, and we’ll ship you another device to use as your new spare. Ground shipping* (both ways), repairs, and tech support all come free with your subscription.

You wouldn’t think of driving without a spare tire. So don’t risk getting caught without a spare WirelessTrakker. It’s like buying really cheap—but amazingly good—insurance.

Ready to save yourself from major headaches?

Find your subscription rate here, then get in touch today to request your WirelessTrakker spare appliance. Or buzz us at 877-225-0100.

*Free ground shipping in the continental U.S. We offer reduced shipping charges to our customers in Alaska and Hawaii.

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If an outage or other event cripples your WirelessTrakker device, keeping a spare on hand will save you hours (or days) of aggravation & downtime. Just plug in, we’ll update, and go!