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Our cloud-based asset-management software lets you effortlessly track your school’s inventory and assets.

Think of all the equipment, warranties, insurance policies, serial numbers, and other critical info floating around your school.

It’s a lot to keep track of—and finding what you need (usually on a moment’s notice) can be a royal pain in the, well, asset.

With AssetTrakker cloud-based asset-management software, everything is at your fingertips. The program sets up in seconds.

Like any inventory-management system, AssetTrakker requires some initial—and potentially time-consuming—data entry (plus ongoing updates).

But once that part is done, the program is easy to navigate: Just log in with an Internet connection and a browser and go.

Our asset and inventory-tracking system lets you keep tabs on everything from PCs to paper towels, along with:

  • Computers, printers, photocopiers, and other electronics
  • Big equipment, like furnaces and air conditioners
  • Furniture, paper goods, office supplies, lighting, and so forth
  • Serial numbers
  • Service and maintenance contracts
  • Insurance polices
  • Product warranties
  • Prices paid
  • Much more

Plus, you can “supersize” your capabilities by integrating AssetTrakker with TroubleTrakkerPRO, our online IT help desk, and/or WorkTrakkerPRO, our cloud-based work-order management system.

When you link these tools, you’ll have your equipment’s repair history, warranty information, and other key info at the ready.

Bonus: When you subscribe to TroubleTrakkerPRO or WorkTrakkerPRO, you get a free subscription to AssetTrakker.

What else can AssetTrakker do?

Top Features:

  • Reports –– get an instant view of your entire inventory and where each item is located; sort by building, room, category, and more
  • Budgets –– keep track of which items were purchased under what budgets, modify budgets as needed, and add new ones
  • Insurance documents –– list insurance policies for each item and add or revise as needed
  • Service information –– quickly access equipment service and maintenance contracts, so you never again have to ask, “Who should we call to fix that?”
  • Sophisticated search tools –– no more fumbling through files and piles to find critical info
  • Physical inventory –– create printable sheets or input information directly into the AssetTrakker program

Try AssetTrakker free for 30 days! Just fill out this short form, and we’ll set you up immediately. If you decide to continue your subscription, you’ll find our fees insanely reasonable.

And remember, AssetTrakker is free with your subscription to WorkTrakkerPRO and/or TroubleTrakkerPRO.

Ready to subscribe now? Fill out our quickie form or call us now at 877-225-0100.

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AssetTrakker Cloud-Based Asset-Management Tool
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Our cloud-based asset-management software lets you effortlessly track your school’s inventory and assets. Integrates (and comes free) with TroubleTrakkerPRO and WorkTrakkerPRO.