Monitored, web-based, CIPA-compliant email for students

Free email for students offered through tools like Google Apps for Education may be cost-free.

But there’s a price to pay: They aren’t necessarily CIPA compliant (which protects children from exposure to pornography and explicit online content). In addition, there have been complaints of data mining that can compromise student privacy.

Easy solution: For just pennies per student per month, our cloud-based SchoolBits gives your students the freedom to enjoy a safe, CIPA-compliant email system—while granting you as much (or as little) control as you want over their activity.

It combines the blocking capabilities of a traditional email system with the ease of an online service. There’s nothing to install or maintain.

SchoolBits sets up in seconds. Then, with a web browser and a few clicks, you can monitor, moderate, and filter incoming and outgoing student emails based on any combination of settings, such as:

  • Language filtering –– customizable list of 4,000+ words and phrases in 16 categories
  • Attachments –– allow, moderate, or automatically delete all attachments, or filter by file extensions
  • Executable attachments –– automatically block executable extensions to protect against viruses and Trojan horses
  • In-line images –– allow, moderate, or automatically delete student email messages with in-line images
  • Spam filtering –– customizable to your entire district
  • Time restrictions –– limit when students can access their email accounts and/or send emails to one another

Top SchoolBits Features:

Email Features

  • Mail blocking –– students can block email from a list of addresses they manage
  • Automatic message recovery –– in case of a computer crash, power disruption, or Internet outage, drafts of unsent student emails will be saved
  • Personalization –– set up personal folders to organize messages; create a signature to personalize emails; choose a color scheme
  • Spellchecker –– built-in spellchecker contains more than 110,000 words
  • Custom, sortable column views –– students can customize their email list displays to show only the data they want to see
  • Personal address book –– users can create their own address books as well as personal-distribution groups
  • Shortcuts –– when entering a name from the address book, SchoolBits will bring up a selection of names to choose from
  • Search function –– users can search in the subject, body, or address fields
  • Mail notification –– optional audio and visual popups alert users of new mail
  • Your own domain name –– opt to register your own domain for student email addresses such as you@yourschool.yourstate.us; or choose one of our domains ending in K12USA.com

Convenience Features

  • Accessible from anywhere –– users can log in from any device with an Internet connection and a browser
  • Frees up hard-disk space –– no space-hogging software to download on to your computers
  • Mail logging –– logs all incoming and outgoing messages
  • File storage and sharing –– store files in a personal, easily organized file-storage area and/or share files with other users

Safety Features

  • Virus scanning –– automatically checks incoming and outgoing student email; scans incoming emails twice: when first received and again at time of attachment download (if applicable)

News and Calendars

  • Customizable district news –– post news and announcements
  • Global event calendar –– viewable by your entire organization
  • Personal calendar –– for private events, reminders, and appointments

Some K–12 schools are reluctant to provide email for students. Read “Why is Email for Students Important?” to learn why we think it’s smart.

Test drive SchoolBits free for 30 days! Go to our free-trial signup page to start your no-obligation trial, or call 877-225-0100.

Ready to subscribe? Your student email will be up and running in no time flat. Contact us at 877-225-0100, support@K12usa.com, or fill out this quickie form.

BTW, you may also be interested in our email program for K–12 staff, WebMailPRO.

The Amazing Benefits of K12USA:

  • Economical –– our prices are nearly untouchable; find your SchoolBits rate here
  • Free automatic software upgrades –– when a new version of SchoolBits is available, we’ll automatically update your account
  • Free, unlimited tech support –– talk to a real (and really nice) person, and get your issues resolved quickly
  • Discounts for multi-year, multi-service customers

Some K–12 schools are still reluctant to provide email for students. Here’s why we think it’s important.

Test drive SchoolBits free for 30 days! Sign up here for your zero-obligation trial or call 877-225-0100.

Ready to subscribe? Your student email will be up and running in no time flat. Contact us at 877-225-0100, support@K12USA.com, or just fill out this quickie form.

Note: You may also be interested in our email program for K–12 staff, WebMailPRO.

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Easy-to-use, fully featured & CIPA-compliant, cloud-based SchoolBits gives students the freedom to email, while staff can monitor incoming & outgoing messages for appropriateness. No software installation; economical.