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K12USA’s SecureSchool Internet Filter Can Now Filter Chromebooks Off Campus

Solves a major problem faced by K–12 schools whose students need monitored Internet access when doing schoolwork on school-issued laptops at home and elsewhere.

Island Heights, NJ, Nov. 15, 2016:PRLogK12USA.com, a leading technology company specializing in K–12 schools, has announced that its Internet-filtering appliance, SecureSchool, has a game-changing new feature. Using the Chrome Management Console, IT admins can now configure their schools’ Chromebooks to enable SecureSchool content filtering off campus.

With their cloud-based platforms and low cost, Chromebooks are surging in popularity in American K–12 schools. These laptops are designed to be used primarily while connected to the Internet.

Schools that receive government E-rate funding are required to comply with CIPA, the Children’s Internet Protection Act, which mandates filtering obscene, pornographic, and otherwise inappropriate online content. Schools that allow students to take laptops home for schoolwork often choose to keep the filter enabled, so kids get the same level of protection off campus.

Content filtering beyond school walls has always been next to impossible, but this SecureSchool feature solves the problem and gives K–12 staff peace of mind.

“Learning doesn’t stop when the school day ends,” says K12USA founder and CEO James Punderson. “Now students can safely work on their Chromebooks from home, a vacation spot, and anywhere there’s Internet access. The feature is built in to all SecureSchool boxes, so there’s nothing additional to buy, download, or update.”

For more information about the SecureSchool/Chromebooks feature, visit www.K12USA.com, call 877-225-0100, or email support@K12USA.com.

About K12USA.com: Founded in 1999 by former teacher and school IT consultant James Punderson IV, K12USA.com develops streamlined, intuitive tech tools for K–12 schools throughout the U.S. Their product line features about 20 appliance- and cloud-based devices, including SecureSchool content filter; WirelessTrakker wireless-network-management system; and TroubleTrakkerPRO, an online IT help desk. Every subscription comes with free and unlimited tech support, free updates and upgrades, and free two-way ground shipping (in the continental U.S.). All products and services are available for a free 30-day trial.

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Filter Chromebooks Off Campus With SecureSchool
Students who take their school-issued Chromebooks home can now safely work online. Using the Chrome Management Console, simply enable SecureSchool to content filter Chromebooks off campus.
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