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When Power or Other Events Cripple Equipment, K12USA Makes It a Snap for K–12 Schools to Recover

With preconfigured spare appliances for Internet filters, wireless-networking-management tools, and spam filters, IT staff can resume work almost immediately.

Island Heights, NJ, August 9, 2016:PRLogK12USA.com, one of the first and foremost technology companies specializing in K–12 schools, has introduced a unique solution to a tedious and time-consuming problem. Its line of spare appliances allows for near-instant recovery when devices like Internet filters and wireless-networking tools get damaged due to a power outage, theft, vandalism, or other natural or manmade disaster.

Customers who subscribe to SecureSchool real-time content filter, WirelessTrakker wireless-network-management system, and SpamTrakker email-filtering device can add spare appliances to their subscriptions for a nominal fee.

When devices fail, schools typically call customer support, pore through warranty info, and/or wait for a repairperson or new equipment to arrive. Meanwhile, staff and students are without much-needed services. But with a K12USA.com spare appliance, the client simply plugs in the replacement device, gets a quick software update from K12USA headquarters, and is back in business within minutes. It’s the equivalent of stowing a spare tire in the trunk.

The spare appliance for SecureSchool, WirelessTrakker, and SpamTrakker:

  • Arrives preconfigured with the customer’s settings
  • Ships free in the continental U.S.
  • Is replaced at no cost once the original spare is deployed

“Subscribing to one or all of our spare appliances is the most effective and efficient service contract customers can buy,” explains K12USA.com founder and CEO, James Punderson. “Many of our clients who have lost equipment to power outages, looting, or other mishaps have been incredibly relieved to have these convenient options at the ready.”

For more information, visit www.K12USA.com, call 877-225-0100, or email support@K12USA.com.

About K12USA.com:: Founded in 1999 by former teacher and school IT consultant James Punderson IV, K12USA.com develops streamlined, intuitive tech tools for K–12 schools throughout the U.S. Their product line features about 20 appliance- and cloud-based devices, including SecureSchool content filter; WirelessTrakker wireless-network-management system; and TroubleTrakkerPRO, an online IT helpdesk. Every subscription comes with free and unlimited tech support, free updates and upgrades, and free two-way ground shipping (in the continental U.S.). All products and services are available for a free 30-day trial.

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Spare Appliances Spare You Data Loss & Grief in Case of a Power Event
Spare appliances are the best (and cheapest) service contracts you can buy. If your device fails, plug in the spare, and you’re back in the game. Available for SecureSchool, WirelessTrakker, and SpamTrakker.
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