Benefits of an Automated School Help Desk

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If you’re still running your school help desk the old-fashioned way, it’s time to automate.

So you are the school help desk. Do you find yourself:

  • Digging through a messy pile of trouble tickets?
  • Frantically searching emails for work requests?
  • Spending hours on the phone assigning tasks and chasing down your repair team?
  • Getting bombarded by staff requests every time you hit the vending machine?
  • Logging issues manually on a spreadsheet?
  • Losing work orders?
  • Suffering from headaches, hair pulling, and random outbursts?

You’re not alone. Many schools—particularly ...

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Everyone Says They Have “Great Customer Service.” Truth? Or Baloney?

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World’s most-told lie? “We have great customer service.” Your due diligence will uncover the truth. 

So, you just purchased an expensive system for your school. You were wowed by the product and impressed with the promise of “great customer service.”

You may even have paid for an enhanced service plan, which would surely guarantee top-notch support.

When something went wrong (as it inevitably does), you called the tech-support hotline. After punching through a phone tree, you sat on hold for a very ...

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Tech Support Often Gets a Bad Rap. Is it Deserved?

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These days, lousy tech support is not only accepted, it’s expected. How to find the “good guys.”

A new thread was recently posted on one of the IT forums we follow. The topic was, “How have you resolved a problem when (Big-Name Tech Company) is non-responsive?”

Answers ranged from a suggestion to fib to customer support—pretend you’re interested in buying a product, then subtly ask the rep for help with your issue—to an outright diss: “Industry-worst customer service.”

The one that took ...

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